Has Election Reporting been fair so Far

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  • I'm a Chav, whats an election cos i dont have no probs wiv me julie

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Is it just me or does Adam Boulton on SKY continually cut dead any hint of critiscism of Labour? Given that he is shagging one of Bliars Circle is he truly applying impartiality across the board?

Funnily enough Rupert Murdoch owns SKY. He happens to be a Republican and a Bliarite.

The BBC is barely able to suppress a sneer vis a vis the Conservative Tax Proposals on Newsnight.......Gavin Esler.........wrote a book once about an IRA terorist. The BBC has frequently been accused of left wing bias, fortunately there is the TV Poll Tax to keep it afloat.

Whatever happened to impartial news broadcasters?
So its nothing whatsoever like the Fox/Bush favouritism, vote rigging farce in the States and general 'Dictatorship' style of re election and democracy?

I hear Zim has sent some 'advisors' over to gain some tips on the election process. One was heard to say "Yu dind need any tips from oos, yu is duin gut on yur own".

They used to say we were always ten years behind the USA. I would suggest we are closing the gap very quickly. Espesh concerning fat bastards and weird fcukers.

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