Iraq medals 'for all' for removing Saddam
By Michael Evans, Defence Editor

ALL British military personnel who served in Iraq as part of Operation Telic are to be awarded a medal “for removing Saddam Hussein’s oppressive regime”, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.
The Iraq Medal will also be given to journalists who were embedded with military units and civilians sent to the region to work on key equipment. Those who died during their service will qualify automatically for a posthumous medal.

Jeremy Dear, general secretary of the National Union of Journalists, said he did not feel that it was appropriate for reporters to accept the medals. “The bravery of journalists covering wars should be acknowledged, but by their peers, not by the military forces,” he said.

The United Nations called yesterday for the creation of an independent electoral commission in Iraq to take the country to the polls, possibly in January. The report of the UN fact-finding mission to Iraq said that the body should start to prepare a nationwide ballot without waiting for agreement on the form of the “caretaker” government that will take power on June 30.
Not even the Journo's think they should get them!


Apparent Reuters have said their people will not take them. (I wonder if they gave them a choice?)
I think that they should get them . Just to embarrass the b*stards. I wonder if Jake will qualify?.............then again The Sporting Chronicle didn't have an embedded greyhound pundit did it?

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