Journalist's Medical Knowledge

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Border_Reiver, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. I am relieved the author of this little gem in the Daily Wail decided to go for a career in “ The Press “ because they obviously cannot tell their ARRSE from their elbow … or more precisely the ear from the heart when reporting Denise Welch’s partner’s admission into hospital following a suspected heart attack …

    DW 1.jpg

  2. Guessing it a print error rather than his reporting, a HT issue so misfired.
  3. It was on the Interweb Mail ... do these people not read what they write ?
  4. By god you're ******* dull.

    Get a life.

    Are you one of these sad ***** that right into "points of view" because someone said "bugger" on the TV? I bet you are
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  5. Would you seriously want to read it in detail even if you were paid?

    Perhaps the original ear attack is correct, seeing who his partner is.
  6. Can you get to the bit where you make a point?
  7. Why are you reading a nothing story about nobodies in a no-content newspaper?
  8. Whenever I am feeling really down I go and read their website for 10 mins and then quickly leave to come back to the real world ... the theraputic properties are quite amazing .
  9. Reported to Mods for using the word "bu##er".
  10. Get it write FFS.
    Bollocks, I've just fallen into your fiendish trap haven't eye.