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I don’t disagree with you but that is probably comment for another thread. This is now in CA as fixed by the CO to allow anyone so inclined to contact to OP.


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Either way, it’ll be a hatchet job, they (the press) just won’t be able to help themselves. “Army leading the way on LGBTQ+“ doesn’t fit the narrative, doesn’t sell papers and would put about 5,000 people out of work, mainly in various HQs and in Whitehall.

The argument will be to engage and put the record straight but with selective quotes, see above. If everyone stopped banging this particular drum the forces would reach a point much quicker where everyone gets judged on how they get their job done rather than who does what to who and with who in their private lives.

For evidence of this, see the airline industry which has been a smorgasbord of sexualities etc for years and everyone just gets on with it.

It makes it a very pleasant place to work for that very reason.
Can we not send her a link to Denice Webb?
Can we not send her a link to Denice Webb?
Whomever the journalist is that asked the original question might like to Google Ms soon to be O/CDT Webb.

When they do so, they might like to consider a few questions that IMHO need addressing.

1. When you Google Denice Webb most of the first page or so is unsurprisingly about Denice Webb. But what about Denice Webb? A cursory glance seems to reveal “Denice Webb has done thus, that and the other”, in other words it’s all about Denice Webb, not so much about what she may or may not have actually achieved for others in the LGBTQ+ community in the forces.

2. The forces need to change, according to many such as her, because they say it needs to change. Has anyone asked anyone else, LGBTQ+ or otherwise? I’m willing to bet that a good many people in that community in the forces just want to be left alone to get on with it and many of their peers at Unit level aren’t remotely bothered, they’ll be more interested in if they’re any good on the GPMG when the shit hits the fan. It’s only tge perpetual mitherings of a small group with the indulgence of the press that er, perpetuates the notion that more has to be done. Why do I think this? Because the forces are fairly generally representative of the wider society. Aside from the usual howling job creationists, society generally has moved on.

3. Aside from the obvious that those employed in Diversity roles in the forces need to be seen to be promoting diversity, has anyone questioned why they continue to say the job isn’t done? Does anyone stop to think that if the job is done, these people are out of a job? That’s a pretty powerful incentive to keep suggesting more needs to be done (and I’m just the person you need to do it).

4. Are the likes of Denice Webb part of the problem or part of the solution? See above.

5. A good friend of many years is gay. He was thrown out of the RAF for being gay. A while back he was offered a formal apology and the chance to receive it from Someone Senior in person. He did so with some pride but no resentment. Both his attitude and the apology were wholly appropriate; he had been treated badly but was big enough to accept some small measure of recompense. Many refused the apology. Why? Could it be that by accepting an apology it removed the right to be aggrieved? Of course it doesn’t, but it would somewhat undermine the credibility of anyone wanting to continue to complain publicly.

All this is a (very) long way of saying that the media generally might get less of a cynical response if they tried challenging the accepted agenda as proscribed by those with a stake in furthering that agenda. The sadness of it is that few will offer a counter view and be willing to put their name to it for fear of retribution.

And that is the saddest thing of all.
There may not be a listed reporter or editor, but there will probably be a researcher working on getting material for a journalist. It is how they do things!

Unlisted = unaccountable without lots of expensive research.

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