Journalist are really really smart?

Read the story in the Times last week about the fear that Jonathan Clayton
went through after his arrest in Zimbo as a Journo. How he tried to blend in by taking a set of golf clubs with him just like all the other middle aged white men arriving in Zimbo for that big golf match - you know the one the same time as that election thingy.(Shame he forgot about the stamp in his passport stating he was a Journalist) . Its those kind of slip ups that can get a smart streetwise savvy Journo a few days in Chikurubi and a sore bottom :D

Today I started to read the article about the Telegraph's man in Africa and how he had a similar experience.

And as I started to read I thought how good it is that men such as these are willing to risk all to get the truth out to the rest of the world.

That was until I spotted the factors that point to the facts that Stephen Bevan as a journalist can probably just about do up his shoe laces by himself.

Not only is he dumb but he tells you about his dumbness in his article.

We were all aware of the dangers. Yet, as I flew into Harare airport there was a mood of excited optimism.
Ok so he was aware of the dangers...

still I wonder what exactly pointed him out as a journalist ?

How did the police target in on him with such speed and accuracy within hours of his arrival :?

But by the time I checked into York Lodge, a guesthouse popular with foreign journalists, on April 2, the mood had begun to change.
I grabbed my laptop and backpack and headed towards the garden
behind me, someone barked: "Where are you going? Stay where you are."
Suddenly, there were police everywhere - some carrying guns. I was surrounded.

Those Zimbo peelers must all be like that Sherlock Holmes bloke- minds as sharp as sharpend sharp things to arrest a white man running away from a Hotel used by Journalists while carrying a laptop and backpack. :D

Me , without the special training would have thought he was an escaped clown from Bobbos Mong Circus. :lol:
Personally, I admire these journos - every day they put their life on the line to ensure that us normal people can sleep peacefully in our beds. Whats more, they do so for crap pay, crap conditions and sometimes they don't get home at night until quite late.

We should honour them with a 'We Love Journos Day' every year when we can publicly pay homage to their bravery.................
The sickest thing I saw was Anderson "do me up the hooper" Cooper from CNN.

He spent a day in Iraq with the Marines, then the knob proceeded to show still photo's of himself in various "ally hardman" poses showing what a fcekin daredevil he was.

The fcukin tool.

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