Journalism - Plummeting standards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cernunnos, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Have you noticed the poor standards of British Journalism lately? I'm not talking about phone tapping. I'd just like them to write something quite close to the truth, unbiased and without concealed adverts. The Journo of today seems to have no command of the English language.

    Here's and example from todays online press:

    BBC News - Trial of soldiers murdered at Massereene barracks to begin

    From that headline, exactly who is on trial?

    If you notice glaring mistakes made by journoscum, why not post them here for a bit of arrse ridicule.
  2. Its the BBC ffs, the journo won't have been recruited for his Journalistic skills, but on his ethnicity, diversity and sexuality!
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  3. So what you're saying is......

  4. Standards?
  5. Not quite, the creature in your picture still has 2 legs.
  6. What in **** is it, man? woman? both?
  7. I have noticed that their idea of in depth research is to sit on their backsides, watching twitter. Jimmy Carr made a slightly poorly-timed joke about a car crash on Twitter yesterday. Within 10-15 minutes it was on a newspaper site, with the appropriate outrage fuel and comments. A real non-story, as he apologised to all his "tweeps" almost immediately but you would think he had stood on the M5 and shouted it repeatedly through a megaphone at the emergency services! Saved the journo from getting out of his jim-jams though as he could just text in his copy and expenses claim from home.
  8. 2 legs, granted but the third leg has been hacked of by "Abu's Sex Op Chop Shop."
  9. Well how often have threads from here appeared in the Red Tops, even ideas that have appeared on here are suddenly the ideas of a columnist and some skanky bit of tabloid world.
  10. The Guardian is the best-written paper, more a reflection of how poor the others have got than any measure if its intrinsic qualities. The Telegraph in particular has undergone a dreadful decline, and is now only partially literate whilst at the same time being riddled with Americanisms. It gives the impression of being principally the work of US or US-educated interns and graduate trainees, who rewrite - poorly - Press Releases and wire service copy.
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  11. When in doubt, check a journo out:

    Sadly doesn't work for the BBC feeds which often don't ident the reporter - however you can begin to spot the web trawlers, and those that acknowledge arrse. Just looked meself up - I get a mention!
  12. The Guardian is written by hypocritical sandal-wearing lefties for hypocritical sandal-wearing lefties; hence it runs at a massive loss while frantically stashing its few remaining assets in offshore tax havens.

    Equally, the Telegraph appears to have sacked all its sub-editors and seems to publish raw copy without any editing at all. It's trying to be the next Daily Mail and failing miserably, thanks to vacuous trollops like Bryony Gordon filing columns of AMMM-style dribble. The "Independent" is anything but and virtually no-one reads the Times since they put up their paywall.

    One of the biggest problems in British journalism at the moment is that opinion-led celebrity dribble is, like it or not, the only type of news making a profit. Look at the NOTW: that thrived off publishing "celeb" gossip and other outrage-mongering crap. It was the largest of all the Sunday newspapers before its demise.

    The other big problem is that modern journalists (me included) are jacks of one trade and masters of none. I work on a desk of seven. Except for the editor, none of us has been here longer than 18 months. Three of us arrived in the last 6 weeks and we know sod all about the topic of our (very) niche publication. I don't doubt we **** up constantly, simply because we have no working knowledge of what we're writing about. If news organisations stopped recruiting wet-behind-the-ear keyboard monkeys on minimum wage and instead took on people with a few years working in whatever industry they're writing about you'd raise the quality threshold overnight.
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  13. You missed out self-opinionated,I'm sure that has to go in there somewhere! :biggrin:
  14. If only they were all self opinionated, but they continue to push the diatribe of Socialism. The qualities I quoted are those that are required by the BBC HR department when compiling reports for their masters, the usual bureaucratic box ticking exercise has to take place before they examine the relevant skills.