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I once had the opportunity to hear John Pilger speak on Bosnia.  Thinking that a respected journalist would have many interesting things to say on a subject I knew something about I went along looking forward to it.  Only politeness allowed me to stay in my seat, the man isn't fit to wipe the sh*te from our boots.

This is him on Iraq:

Readers will remember the patriotic calls to “support the troops” regardless of one’s misgivings about the war. Why a non-conscripted force deserved our “support” in its illegal and craven actions against a weak and stricken nation was never explained by any politician, newspaper or broadcaster.

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I used to like John Pilger. :) However I haven't heared a lot about him in recent years. Hope this doesn't put me off. :(
I'm afraid that I've never had much time for Pilger. Always struck me as being a bit too myopic and unwilling to place his reporting into a wider context; too absolutist in his judgements on right and wrong (no shades of grey apart from in his safari jacket) and with an increasing tendency towards sanctimonious smugness in recent years.

Ian Hislop (I think it was) once coined the phrase 'to Pilger', which is to go over the top on your pet subject of the moment, refusing to listen to any contrary point of view. Sounds like he's on top form again here.

IMHO, he's started to believe his own publicity about being a 'good journalist seeking the truth others fear to tell, blah, blah...'

As for ' Why a non-conscripted force deserved our “support” ...' the reason's simple, Mr Pilger - that volunteer force serves the nation at considerable personal cost to ensure that you have the inalienable right to speak your mind, even if you do spout a load of offensive bollox.
It is interesting to note that Pilger is writing for a paper in Pakistan.  I assume his UK career has stalled a bit.  W@nker
Pilger became a parody of himself long ago.  Basically, everything bad that there's ever been was the fault of the West in general and the US in particular (although he does reserve venomous sideswipes for the UK and Oz).

"The eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD - clearly and conclusively the work of time-travelling CIA operatives, whilst Archduke Ferdinand was obviously assasinated to further the interests of big oil and the sinister Carlyle Corporation, etc," ad nauseam...


War Hero
So, I guess this is another example of lying journalists Unquote. ....Time will tell, but it just shows how the sun, which is the premier supporter, will stab our backs for a shilling.

You are a journo, you are a c#nt....fu#k off and die.

He provides a different perspective, different to ours............but it is the perspective of a number of people. The media, of all kinds and types, in Britain does provide something for everyones' tastes. This is one of the healthy basics of a democracy!!

So, fire at will................but he has his place, as do his views.

Journos are the conduits in which all views of our society travel around, we should not stop that movement of information and opinion.
Pilger was recently interviewed by Kim Hill here in New Zealand via satellite from London (may have been Sydney).

Having not heard much of him for a few years I thought it would be a good chance to hear a world class journo speak.

Unfortunately his rhetoric against all things western and his conspiracy theories went beyond 'investigative journalism' in to the realms of fanaticism.

Hill could not get a word in and when she did manage every question she posed was thrown rudely back at her as  not being worthy of an answer but such a person as he!! HE was correct and the questions were just trying to undermine his position of correctness!!

It was an total embarrassment- he seems to have lost the plot BIG style

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