Journalism more worthy than the Army?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Johnny_Ludlow, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. I know it's a few days old but are you as upset by the attached Gruniad Article as I was? If so, do as I did and email the good P. Preston ( and let him know just how worthy you think his career is.

    But of course, where would the world be without posh furniture designers like Linley. What a benefit to the world that is.

    I have posted this in the Officers' Forum but all otheres please feel free to contribute. Hopefully we can sink the tw*ts's inbox.

    Remeber, this tw*t thinks that YOU have wasted your life!!

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  2. Can you paste this as I cannot download it for soem reason.


  4. this guys in box is going to be fuller than duty wheels on a saturday night!!!

    Long may he suffer
  5. According to Peter Preston, the Army is a waste and

    Peter Preston's email address is: (clickable link)

    Perhaps we should tell him what we do whilst he is sat on his fat ARRSE and writing articles on how useless we are. I believe that this man might be a CNUT

  6. I have invited Peter Preston to join us on this thread and discuss his views of the military.
  7. I've recently come across this little beauty. Don't know who it was written by but seems apt. My bold by the way.

    On a personal note, I can't think of anything worse than being a journo. Writing about the deeds of others rather than actually taking part or succeding in any themselves. Maybe that's why they have to always stick the knife in, to some how make themselves feel good.

    Let's face it, I'd rather see Prince William picking up litter or emptying the dustbins than be a journo.

    Edit to fix quote.
  8. Well I wrote to P.Preston to let him know that I don#t think he's in any position to say that William has made the wrong decision.
  9. Thirty years ago I began reading The Guardian. A few weeks ago I stopped. The reason is it's increasingly full of articles and letters by lefty, knowing, 'ironic', chattering bar stewards who (like as not) haven't done a proper day's work in their lives but feel qualified to tell others how to live theirs. In a knowing, ironic way of course.

    Journalism, done well, informs and educates. Done badly - and how often that is the case - it allows people with more influence than wit to undermine the morale of people who know more about honour and bravery than they ever will.

    Rant over.
  10. Lefty, a very well written post..... have you ever thought of taking up writing? :wink:
  11. Where's Lefty's post?
  12. Bugger - no wah.
  13. Do we expect any better from a newspaper that has employed members of terrorist organisations, and even paid them to glorify the terrorism they advocate within its own pages?

    I have yet to see the Grauniad in an Army Officers' Mess and was genuinely surprised to find one in a RAF Officers' Mess. I can understand its absence from the first - but can't understand its presence in the second.
  14. I might have not read it correctly but I understand him to have explained that the life of an Army Officer is a waste for Prince William. Whilst I don't entirely agree with his sentiments (although admit I am biased) he puts a good arguement forward to say that given HRH is unlikely to serve 'properly' (active service, treated as normal) and is therefore a wasted choice. I believe his hint to journalism was tongue-in-cheek and subtle acknowledgement of his own biased view.

    Anyway, what do you expect from the Guardian?