Journal of RAMC access

Access to this medical journal seems to have recently been taken over by the BMJ. Previously it was freely accessible via its website.

As a member of the RAMC (even if only a stab) is there not a way I can access my own Corp Journal without having to pay for subscription.

Before I get told off for being tighter than a ducks arse... I'm studying Paramedics in civvie and access to this journal isn't provided by my uni, so I was wondering if the army is the next viable option. If all else fails, I will have to end up paying for access for only a few articles as per assignments, but considering my chosen professions, it would be nice to have continued to read this journal... Can't afford to otherwise.

I appreciate any advice on the topic.

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Was there ever a solution to this?
I have since gained access through civ ambulance service

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Also... You can gain access through the DMS pages of defence gateway, put forward personnel info etc and if your position warrants it, you can be given an Athens account.

You don't need sympathy being West Ham... Rather that than some of the other options this side of town

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