Journal / Diary during training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Firthy556, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Do many lads do anything like this?

    Seems like a good idea as it looks to be quite an important time in my life so was wondering how the army reacts to it and would be kept private?

    I can imagine it would be something an angry sergeant would aim for first.

    I ask as the family / GF wouldn't mind me doing it to get an idea what I've done etc.
  2. If I had written it one it would have read
    Monday: Got shouted at.
    Tuesday: Got shouted at.
    Wednesday: Got shouted at.
    Thursday: Got Shouted at.

    Etc Etc
    Every day for 68days.

    If you really want to its up to you but why bother?
  3. Well I've got a pretty terrible memory and I would be something good to look back at.

    And the GF and parents are very interested to know would be useful to show them what I had written at the time rather than just saying "Oh yeh got shouted at and ran around for 4 weeks" etc
  4. Thats probably all you are going to write. You can just phone them nearly every night and tell them what you have done.
  5. These days you have to fill a diary in, you get one issued at the factory, some lads keep it too look back at the time in training, most sling it at the end.
  6. It's a great idea and if you get issued one in the factory and are encouraged to write in it then more the better

    your memories of basic will fade rapidly and it is a formative time of your "youth" so go for it

    but don't just record the mudane trainig things it is the barrack room banter you will want to look back on.
  7. In my day it was called your "Best Book", it was inspected.
  8. Really? I never got anything like it. I feel cheated now. It could have become a bestseller.
  9. Training is like the rest of your career you will never forget the good times and wish you could forget the bad, my training was 78 and I still remember some of the daft things that happened, a diary that’s your personal choice at the end of the day all I wanted was food, shower, kit, block job and sleep any spare time was spent on mischief making memories not writing them down.
  10. Still have mine, rather than a diary it is an A4 folder that you were expected to write up all your lessons in.

    I wish I had written a diary.

    Mon, sent to CQMS to exchange ripped pillowcase I had been issued, on way out of the room picked up best boots that had been hurled at me with the instruction to "Exchange these for some fucking shiny ones whilst you're down there.". On arrival at CQMS's office and presenting pillowcase as issued, accused of causing a 14" tear in said item and threatened with being charged.

    Those were the days, eh?
  11. I think I will risk just taking and making one but of course not be stupid enough to slag off my superiors in it, just a general day to day basic of how I feel and what we did.

    As for making memories it would be a simple 1 min jot down.

    Bring on phase 1 in ... 36 hours.
  12. Good luck and enjoy