Discussion in 'Officers' started by Colonel_Foreskin-Crumb, May 27, 2007.

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  1. I am just about to go on JOTAC at warminster early next month, can anyone give me some advice on what the course is really like?? i have heard good and bad stories
  2. JOTAC is a really good course. It is (or was when I did it) extremely well taught and resourced, quite the opposite from MK1&2!

    You should enjoy it, the best bit about it that the syndicates are mixed (i.e. contain officers from different arms and services), this means that you feed off each other's experience, rather than just learning from your instructor.

    In terms of pre-course work, get your Nyrex folder up to date, have a look at the 7 Questions and get a good ground brief format. Other than that, just pack your best drinking trousers!
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    msr LE

  4. thanks, extremely useful. e nirex is a bonus
  5. Starting next week anyone else here in attendance????

    Thanks for the e-Nirex, will be very useful
  6. Don't suppose anyone knows the dates of the next JOTC course starting after 26 August? Apparently I'm being loaded onto one, and it would be nice to know dates, but apparently it's not important to allow me to plan my life in any way shape or form.

  7. Army?

    Plan life?

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - bonk - fell of my chair and cracked my chin on the desk.

    I don't know the dates, but maybe if you try the LWC at Warminster that run the course, last time I spoke to the course secretary, they were very helpful. I don't have the number, but it should be on LWC webpage (guessing) or readily available...
  8. Wishful thinking, I know, but a girl can dream!
  9. does anyone have the date until XMAS? Before I get shouted down the LWC website is still under construction, I don't have an adjt at the moment (not that you'd notice the difference) and the info doesn't appear to be available through Armynet. REally i'd like to know the date of the last one this year. thanks.
  10. Can anyone give me some guidance as to what I should expect to be doing on JOTAC.

    Any tips on how I can prepare for the course?
  11. Syndicate work - lots of 7 questions estimates and planning. I did one of the first courses a few years ago, but I don't think it has changed so much.

    As for prep, just have the usual military stuff in mind - 7 questions, principles of war, etc, all the usual stuff straight from a Sandhurst crib.

    If not the All Arms Tactical Aide Memoir (TAM) will be handy - in a green ring binder, smaller than A5, should be available from your unit publications library or a local infantry unit. A nyrex with Tactical stuff in it - 7 Qs format, estimate process, ground briefing card. JOTAC is the Junior Officer Tactics Appreciation Course - so pretty similar to what you will have done at Sandhurst as a Pl Comd etc, but one level up.

    One of the main things about the course is that it is All Arms - you will be placed in a syndicate with many other cap badges and different experiences. Use the syndicate as a whole to solve the problems. As a medic you will have specialised knowledge to bring to the table!
  12. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a crib on ARRSE somewhere - there certainly used to be useful stuff lik ethat on here....
  13. OK, cool, so I'm taking my TAM and 7 Qs stuff.

    Is it possible to fail JOTAC? Just out of interest?
  14. Angry, you can't fail but you can waste a good chance to improve yourself professionally. Give it your best and it'll see you right. Each syndicate is fairly well ballanced and what you bring to the table will be useful - so don't scrimp.

    I think the next course kicks off on Mon 3 Sep and lasts for 3 weeks but I'd phone the clerk, who's good and who'll be happy to give you the exact details. Her number must be on the web pages somewhere.

    I's certainly blow a few hours on the 7 Q, the make up of an AI battlegroup and bring yer coloured pencils.

  15. I managed to 'acquire' a JOTAC crib card. They're the dogs danglies with all the staff principles and functions that you'd need up until you're really pretending to know what you're on about! If anyone has the Pdf (or whatever) its out on i'd appreciate a copy!