Question: I was commissioned from a WO2 to Lt (Type A - whatever that is). I beleive that I am qualified to Captain but to be promoted from Capt to Maj I will have to do JOTAC MK1 and MK2 anyway.

Is this correct?

I don't believe so. Ask your Adjt.

Interceptor said:
Gnasher said:
Question: I was commissioned from a WO2 to Lt (Type A - whatever that is)
Are you in the Territorial Army? Can't say I have seen any LE Lieutenants around for some time.

WO2s commission as LE Lts, WO1s are LE Captains ISTR.

Since the TA has no WO1s, all their LE officers become Lts, but in the regular army I think it usually preferable to be a WO1 first?
Sorry to tell you Mr Relaxed but I fear that you may well have to do both courses - I certainly do. Granted I'm not LE but still. Under the old rules did you have to do JOTES?
Good morning all. I am currnetly going through Jotes with 49Bde as a main stream Officer. We have a a few old PSI's who have been commisioned to LT on a cat A. They have been given the choice to be an A/Capt and go down the route of the LE course that is now part of the short courses at RMAS. The other option for them to hold on to the rank of Capt and become substansive, is they must complete the same us us Main streamer's. This means you will have to do the MK1 followed by jotac and your Corps/Arm Capt course. This then makes you eligable for promotuion to Maj. However to keep the Rank of Maj you require your Corps/Arm Maj course. To move further you must complete the MK2 section and so on it drags.
I hope this is of use!!
Your Adj should have the full spec of what you must complete. Beware of the time scales you can only hold acting rank for 2 years and then you must revert to LT.
Sapukay said:
WO2s commission as LE Lts, WO1s are LE Captains ISTR.

Since the TA has no WO1s, all their LE officers become Lts, but in the regular army I think it usually preferable to be a WO1 first?
No, no, no.

Many capbadges commission from WO1, WO2 and SSgt. All are Captains on appointment. In 2003, the AGC(SPS) selected a Cpl for an LE commission - no Sandhurst and all that jazz. I remember choking on my cornflakes...
I've recently been promoted to Capt via the JOTES route, now looking to enroll on MK2 for the next step.....just been told I need to do MK1 and attend JOTAC in order to enroll on MK2?!!

Not a happy camper!!!

Anyone else in the same boat?

That has got to hurt! MK1 and JOTAC are a pain in the arse themselves - let alone having to do that AND MK2...but you do have a while in order to get them under your belt.
I certainly wouldn't complain about JOTAC, much as it grieves me to say, it is a really worthwhile course. I qualified as a captain via the JOTES route but was sent on JOTAC anyway (after completing MK1). Whether LE or DE I would be surprised if you don't gain something from it (unless you know it all of course!)

MK1 on the other hand is an utter waste of time. A lot of the information is irrelevant and quite a lot of the useful information is out of date. The test is laughable, on the basis that if you check every answer marked as incorrect at the end of the test with the "facts" in the book, about 15% are differ from the answer according to the test and the answer according to the book. If you're reasonably bright and have a good knowledge of the army (which I would hope all LEs do!) MK1 is unlikely to help you when it comes to JOTAC.
Join the queue Dodd, I'm in the same boat and there is no getting around it. Trust me I've tried. Incidently MK1 and JOTAC are not essential for promotion but "Career Courses". Who decided upon that term should probably be hung!!
In Scotland we were all given the full data. Thank God, basically regardless of Jotes 1 unless you passed this by jan 05 you have to go through the MK1 jotac route to be promoted passed Capt. You can get you 3rd of on the back of Jotes but you must sit you Corps/Arm special to Arms trg. If you wish you Majority you ahve to sit and pass MK1 before JOTAC. This is also timed barred as you must attend JOTAC within 6 months of passing MK1
If you are an LE you have 2 options, you can go to RMAS and do your 2 weeks LE course as there are now no more QM's and you will be reviewed as we will evry 3 years to see if you are fit for role. If not you will be terminated just like us, the days of the QM's and watching the rest of your time idle by have gone. To keep your Capt you must attend and pass either MK1, jotes and or Jotac. If you do not you will be reverted to Lt and probably removed at the first chance as you are holding up a Subby's slot. If you do not want to become a Maj you just have to do your 2 weeks LE cse. If you chose this route you are likely to be waiting for a Main Streamer to come in a take your slot as once they are there you have no role.
I hope this is some clarrity.

To summerise,
TA WO's will start as LT
TA WO1 will start as Capt
all ex rankers under that 2LT

t o progress you must achieve the following
JOTES until 06

Good luck
And depends on your capbadge!
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