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JOTAC 2007

Discussion in 'Officers' started by barbarasson, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Are next years dates for JOTAC out yet? I am trying to find out the dates for March - July.
  2. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Have sent you a pm, mate.
  3. Ooo Ooo Oooo, me too please untallguy!

    Though if you've got the dates for Jan onwards as well, that would be most tip top and greatly appreciated.

  4. could you send me the dates and info on this too
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Get in touch with JOTD at LWC - speak to the clerk and they will square you away.