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Josey Wales Hearts-Club Band

Yes, it's another Auction for "Help Them Out",

JoseyWales is auctioning the following item ...

One Military Band, Boxed and in Mint Condition.
The limited edition number is 459 out of 500.

No pi66ing around, this is quality stuff for collectors.
You do NOT play with them, or march them around the square.
You do NOT try to give the Bandmaster a blow-job.

You DO bid large money for this collectors' item to help us keep Helping Them Out :wink:

Auction closes .... let's give it a week and see how we go ... Friday 27 June at 1700.


JoseyWales said:
Thank you blue-sophist,
The set is in it's original box and in mint condition. The photograph doesn't do the set real justice.
Any more details would be helpful ... I'm guessing Britain's?

That would mean we are looking for at least £100 for a set of this size ... and then mint, boxed, limited edition probably means a bunch more than that.

This item WILL be pulled if it doesn't reach a decent figure, folks. :wink:
Josey, that is looking like a very dead duck with its head amputated to make sure.

I suggest you pull that item right now, and get it shifted through a proper collectors' sale.

That's a VERY strong suggestion, BTW. :wink:
I paid £149.99 for the set. I was going to auction it in November on behalf of the RBL. The receipt is in the box.

It's really good stuff and a limited edition set - you can't lose matey.

If we don't make £100 plus - the set will be auctioned again in November.

I am not in this for profit. I have already paid £149.00 for this item and my plan is to contribute the proceeds of the auction towards the care of the injured.

Dig deeper please.

JoseyWales said:
Bid please - it's for a really good cause. I was prompted by the 2 blind RM's.
I can't afford to bid on these as lack of work recently has left me a little short (shorter on the left than the right 8) ) but come on guys.

This is for a good cause; I know what it's like to be seriously injured and thank my lucky stars that I don't need help. But there are seriously injured guys out there thet DO need help. YOU were lucky ... they weren't ... get your fcuking wallet out and give them something that YOU take for granted (like a holiday).

Sorry posted with a belly full of whiskey:oops:
Er ... Houston, we have a problem.

I originally said this closes at 1700 on Fri 27 Jun 08. However, i realised that my ARRSE clock was running without applying Daylight Saving time, because I'm an idiot.

I think we ought to let it run for the weekend ... would the leading bidders be content to carry on until, say, 0900 on Tuesday 1 Jul 08?

Quick replies please from Ord-Sgt and that Rodent ... :oops:

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