Joseph Kony.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pillager, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Wasting my time on facepest as I do Ive been seeing his name crop up more and more frequently over the last few days, now as most people posting his video are studenty types I originally thought he was some dire urban music tosspot.

    More fool me, the bloke is the worlds most wanted war Criminal and yet (excuse my ignorance) hes barely heard of. An American whose name escapes me has put together a short video explaining whats going on and what he wants to achieve.

    Itts a short film, with standard American Schmultz at the beginning and end but I thought it might be of interest here on two counts: the feasibility of the plan to remove him, and secondly the use of social media in political lobbying.

    Anyway have a gander and if youre a big girls blouse like me look out for hayfever at various points.

    KONY 2012 on Vimeo
  2. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    As i posted on my facebook in reference to all my friends posting and reposting the video:

    All the bleading hearts out there that are reposting this Joseph Kony video:
    1. Go find out the full story first.
    2. Just because you watched a 27 min long video does not allow you to act like you are a lifelong supporter of invisible children.
    3. There are most definitely worse dictators and war criminals to go after ...[See previous post].
    4. The Ugandan army, like any other african army, is just as bad as the force they are trying to stop.
    5. Africa does not work like other nations were the peoples opinion is what matters, the acronym TIA [This Is Africa] is used for a reason, It is the guy with the largest amount of weapons. Try to intervene and it will just be another Mogadishu all over again as well as the fact that many goverments in power now used guerrilla warfare to gain power so they know a thing or two about it.

    Im not saying you, Pillager, are a bleading heart but all over my news feed people are pouring their hearts over this.
  3. The same here. A few of my 'friends' are bleating on about buying wristbands to stop the abuse of child soldiers...

    ...Idiotic *****.
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  4. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Couldnt agree more !
    Yet i am the one being branded the big mean, obnoxious **** of the week !
  5. I don't go for Facebook memes, and I have lived and worked in some pretty crappy parts of Africa for more years than most non Africans, but it you honestly believe what you have written then you are seriously in need of a reality check.

    My observations on your points:

    1. I haven't worked in Uganda, but I have followed the nasty story of the LRA for quite some time. I am very conversant with it compared to most.
    2. I haven't watched the video, because I don't really go for Facebook fads.
    3. I don't really agree with you on this one - the LRA is a ******* awful organisation that can be sorted with very little international resistance.
    4. They may be bad, but not that bad.
    5. Bollocks - that's an 'all too difficult argument' that doesn't wash with me. It can be addressed, but has to e done in the cultural context of the country in question.

    IMO the TIA line of reasoning is a cop out. If it's a problem, it's a problem. We can understand there is not necessarily an easy solution, but let's not shrug our shoulders and say "TIA" and ignore it while shevelling money in the form of aid into African countries.

    Edited to add: I probably missed the point of your post because none of my friends or family on FB has posted that thing about Kony. But FWIW, he's a ****; he can be sorted; I don't subscribe to the TIA argument.
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  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I saw the thing about invisible children and thought it was another Mercedes publicity stunt.

    Did anyone else see that? It was cool as ****.
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  7. Mmmm. I watched 30 seconds of that film and stopped because it looked like it was going to live up to your description, P. Kony's been at it for a very long time. I can't think of anyone morally more foul than him in Africa, but he does have guns, and lots don't. I do know of mindsets, personal philosophies and actual Governing corporate bodies which are just as obscene, but so long as it's only their mineral resources I'm raping I'm relaxed about them; I think our 20/21st century civilisation is a mere blip in what was before and what is to come. If Kony dies a painful death that's fine, but I suspect it'll be syphilis or malaria, in old age. Capture, trial, a healthy prison regime would only show respect to him.
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  9. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    This is certainly not a wah etc but i believe whole heartedly what i have written.
    It isnt a facebook meme, rather an international NGO trying to raise funds for the ugandan army to track and persue Kony.
    In regards to the LRA vs the ugandan army, im sure that the UA has raped and stolen from as many villages as the LRA have. The only difference being the child soldiers.
    Black africans have all their so called 'Brothas and Sistas' to blame for their troubles. I couldnt give a monkeys about them. Yes apartheid and colonialism wrong but after that they had it easy after that yet they ruined it with their own greed. Zimbabwe/ Rhodesia being a prime example after effectively all except about 50 white farmers and I were forced off the land we bought because the black goverment became greedy. In line with this greed militias have been formed and tribal relations have effectively been re-established.
    Joseph Kony and every other black dictator in power can rot in hell but does not deserve this much publicity when some poor bugger in tibet is setting themself on fire or a family in Syria is being shelled, yet there is already 100 american 'advisors' in Uganda just because of this NGO.
    The point im trying to make is that why are some being giving hope when others in more suffering are having theirs taken away?

    I am not rascist and love africa with all my heart.
  10. Well, the instant you said 'colonialism wrong' things went to a box of frogs with me. I saw the positive and very - very - good side of British colonial life. I'm as racist as they come and believe that I'm on the side of right there too, although I doubt that the more bigoted societal engineers would agree with me, in the face of mountainous evidence (although possibly not in the way some would think).

    You, my friend, I just think are a little confused.
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  11. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    hahaha, i may not be racist but i hate all african blacks with an imense burning passion for taking away my home, but i dont find i hate american blacks etc that much.
    Am i a rascist then?
  12. I agree with much of what you say, but... (I guess you knew that was coming :) ))

    I work every day with the usual 'African excuses'. Some of the people peddling these excuses come from Africans, some come from others. Nothing I do will change Africa with all its complexities, but in my experience two types of people operate effectively in the continent:

    • Those with integrity who understand the limitations of what they can achieve but work effectively to better the lot of all who work with them (in the full knowledge that I won't change the tribalism, religion, race, etc of Africa);
    • Those who take advantage of tribalism, religion, race, etc - the elements which tend to go hand in hand with violence, to further their aims.

    I choose to pursue the approach of the first rather than the 'TIA' slope of the shoulders.
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  13. Like the "that much" so you hate them as well just a little less.. and no I ain't gonna get into no slanging match Just made me laugh..

    I saw the video in my opinion it was trying to say that this movement was started by a few voices.. they have the ICC list his name was number one and they are going on a rant to make this shit known to everyone..
    I was aware of his name not that he had been a tuss for so many years however but it more intrigued me to find out the other names on the list.. NOT just the KONY2012 project.. I understood it that the urge is because they are going for "Awareness" and support event and they are trying to ensure he is "captured" before they remove the US Advisors..
  14. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Dont get me wrong here guys im not using TIA as a way of saying i can do sweet FA so im not going to, more of an explanation of why things go so pear shaped. 40 people in a minibus? TIA. Potholes that can swallow a car? TIA. There are many more meanings rather than the shrug of war torn unhelpable africa
    I very much do believe that we [blacks and whites] can work together but only if they realise that we arent there to exploit them, but sadly there are two many of the second type of people you have mentioned.
    Maybe if i get to live back in Zim my hatred would lessen etc.
  15. Surely Belfast isn't that bad that you want to go back to Uncle Robert? PS, There's Christian Brothers in Belfast as well, you cannot escape them!