Jose Mourinho

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 4-8-Alfa, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Jose Mourinho, following his departure from Chelsea, has said that he would like to return to Portugal and disappear and never be heard of again.
    The McCanns have offered to help.

  2. mate, thats in really really poor taste. He's the special one.
  3. Poor taste? I think you'll find Maddie was one of the best tasting meals the Portuguese fish have had in years.

  4. What?
  5. Right, Ive had enough of these sick jokes. I can take a joke like the next bloke bloke, but seriously, Jose jokes? That's just low. Really really low. Sick f*cks.
  6. BBC reports an explosion occurred in West London and could be heard for miles.

    Scotland Yard investigating determined it was just the bubble bursting at Stamford Bridge.

  7. Quality :D :D
  8. Jose Mourinho was asked in this mornings press conference whether it was true he was going to be the next Spurs manager. His reply was "I'm not that fucking special!"
  9. Chelsea are now promoting a new aftershave Called "The Special One" manufactured by U GO BOSS
  10. What have Stamford Bridge and space got in common?

    Loads of stars and no atmosphere