Jose Mourinho

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, May 23, 2010.

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  1. well done Jose, winning the champions league with porto and now inter.

    i do think he is a bit of a different breed as a manager. he likes new challenges and seems to get itchy feet after two or three years. he's come out and said (pretty much) he will be off to manage Real, and then come back to england after that.

    he's not one for building a long term relationship with the fans; i think he just wants to prove he is the best manager in the world (don't know if i agree with that sentiment or not, but he's right up there). he's only just won the CL with a second club (third person in history) and he's already talking about winning it again. also the youngest to achieve wins with separate clubs. oh, not to mention doing the italian treble.

    building up a team with your vision, over a prolonged period, takes a certain kind of management. coming in, inheriting (albeit strong) teams and leading them to league victories, CL victories etc and then moving on? not many in that mould really.

    don't fancy fixing liverpool for us do you, jose? :D
  2. I'm just dancing on clouds at the moment. I do agree that Inter were quite a strong team thanks to Mancini and whoever takes over from Mourinho is inheriting quite an old team. But I'm not gonna worry about next season for the moment. Not with our 5th consecutive Serie A title and the treble this year, it's party time.Go Inter !!! :clap: :boogie:

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