Jose, Glasgows nice too...

With Alex McLeish jumping ship to suckle on the English Premiership t!t, what now for Scotland?

Do the Scottish FA have Martin O'Neil's number? Do they even know McLeish's gone? :?

Ops, my bad, it's the English FA that's out of touch! :wink:
Airfix said:
Werewolf said:
Airfix said:
duffdike said:
We might have a manager from almost anywhere but not Scotland surely?
Home grown talent would be best, but the best are at Park Head these days :wink:
But they don't do too well when they're playing at Ibrox! :twisted:
Neither do the homeside, or as I like to call them, Runners UP :roll:
We're only three points behind, mate. We'll get those back in the next Old Firm game! :D And the one after that will see us take the title back to where it rightfully belongs...

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