Jordon, not the country

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jcm649, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. Seems that Jordon's latest cant keep up with her demands, personally I wouldnt touch it with a long, very long barge pole.
    But it would seem to me that perhaps some of our younger, more capable, members might like to put together a tag team to take care of Ms Price.
    Any volunteers? :nod:
  2. Yeah, I volunteer to shoot the ugly cunt in the face.
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  3. A REME full 'screw' was there long before Peter was....
  4. Possibly a Rechey Mech, knowing their very low standards ;-)
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  5. i'll take one for the team, but only if can get a full colour video in HD of the event. Purely as a momento, not to sell on the net of course.
  6. That would explain why Harvey Wallbanger is not really Dwight's kid.
  7. Aw leave the poor bint alone, I think she,s.................filthy, but then I,m a pervo.
  8. I know the problem........... I can't keep up with my missus's demands.........

    paint this, fix that, cut the grass, buy this, pay for that....................... I'm fecking knackered!
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  9. I offer to infect her with the many exotic, incurable diseases to which I am host.
  10. Dammit..after all this time, I just have to ask if your PC doesn't possess one of these .....( ' ) it's at the bottom of this (@)?
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  11. I'd smash her
  12. What are the wages?
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  13. Do you get a free cup of tea and a biscuit after donating?
  14. I'd fuck her just for the opportunity to laugh at her mong kid walking into walls and falling down flights of stairs.
  15. 'Jordan', not 'Jordon'.

    At least spell the skank's name right.