Jordon, not the country

Seems that Jordon's latest cant keep up with her demands, personally I wouldnt touch it with a long, very long barge pole.
But it would seem to me that perhaps some of our younger, more capable, members might like to put together a tag team to take care of Ms Price.
Any volunteers? :nod:
i'll take one for the team, but only if can get a full colour video in HD of the event. Purely as a momento, not to sell on the net of course.
I know the problem........... I can't keep up with my missus's demands.........

paint this, fix that, cut the grass, buy this, pay for that....................... I'm fecking knackered!

Mark The Convict

I offer to infect her with the many exotic, incurable diseases to which I am host.
Even if my life depended upon it I couldn't screw that..I know that I'd just start hitting her..and keep on until she resembled my windscreen after a two hour motorway run on a sunny day.

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