Jordans Latest squeeze alex reid,,Walt or not?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by THESUNJOCK, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. In the local the other day and got talking to some bog beast cut along story short as the rest I would like to forget after I work up :oops: . She made a comment that Alex Read the cross dressing cage fighter twat was an Ex Para. Is this true. I searched on google and found a few articles that make this claim. Any one know if its true, do we have a Walt on our hands for 2010 :twisted:

  2. You must lead a very sad life!
  3. Who cares?
  4. Vinny Jones dont seem to keen on him.

    He might be an MMA walt too, I saw him recieven boxing lessons from Steven Baldwin.

    Yes, I have watched that shite on C4.
  5. Surely Sandy_The_Guvnor can clear this up, being both Parachute Regiment and a fighter?
  6. Looks like his MMA record's gone to pot lately though:

    Wikipedia and Sherdog

    I used to do a bit of training with him in Frimley under Andy Jardine about 6 years ago when I was dabbling in MMA. He was alright then, but he knew I was in the army and he never mentioned his time in there. Doesn't really prove it either way I suppose, but normally veterans like to throw in a common ground.

    Hmm, can't get the Wikipedia link to work.
  7. Alex Reid was a member of Support Company 10 Para a few years ago, at the TAC in Redan Road Aldershot. He was nicknamed "Village"

    Draw your own conclusions why...
  8. Because he was Mortars? :bow: (Thought I'd get that in first)
  9. More to do with his IQ... but cross dressing could have had something to do with it now I think about it. :?
  10. Interesting, had a PM that he was indeed 10 Para for a time but without wings. sfub could you confirm this.
  11. Happily. TBH, he should have been RMR, he was that much of a poseur! Bear in mind 10 Para was disbanded in 1999 and then became a Company in 4 Para, and Mr Reid is, what, 31ish? Not likely to have a lot of experience. I mentioned him to a couple of 10 Para stalwarts last night, and was answered with grins. Nice enough bloke, but..... was the opinon.
  12. So fcuking what?
  13. He would be welcomed with open arms onto this site, what with him being an ex stab that also likes to tell people that he's ex army an awful lot.