Jordanian Shooter Sentenced To Death


I don't agree with the death penalty, and this guy had reason to be pissed off, but still, shooting tourists is not the answer.

AMMAN - A Jordanian man has been sentenced to death for a shooting in which a British man was killed and a New Zealand woman seriously injured.

Jordan's State Security court convicted Nabil Ahmad Jaoura, 38, a Palestinian refugee, of shooting six tourists who were visiting historic sites in the Jordanian capital Amman last September. He was sentenced to hang.


Told he had been found guilty, Jaoura shouted "I am a Jihadist in God's path ... Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest)."

On a personal note, I'm also pretty dark about how this affects Jordan and their tourist economy. I had a ten day holiday there last year, and found the Jordanians to be a warm, friendly bunch of people. No aggro experienced at all.


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