Jordanian Peacekeepers in Timor Threaten Aussies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well, it says that those particular Aussies took over from a Para Bn., so who knows? Perhaps their Paras are into 'male bonding' as much as some of ours :roll:
  2. This sort of abuse appears common where third-world "Peacekeepers" are deployed.
    Perhaps future deployments should have an Abuse Investigation team attached as a matter of course.
    Those caught abusing the people they are sent to protect shouldn't just be sent home - they should be tried & if convicted, sentenced to the most severe punishment available.
    Scumbags :x
  3. Ah yes, but it's only the few Brits and Americans (other 'Western' countries) that do things wrong that are investigated and put up in fromt of a CM. We have to stick to the rules no matter what. If the same happened everytime some of the soldiers from other 2nd and 3rd world countries did the same or worse then they would be embarrassed into not supporting peace keeping operations.

    But hey, that might just be my cynical thinking. :roll:
  4. Different rules for usual.
  5. Armourer , you're getting terminally boring.
  6. When in the mid 90s the Talaban executed some Homos by demolishing their houses on to their tied up bodies, the young arab troops we where training where all in favoure of the action for So it is Written.
    Some weeks later we where due to go out on exercise and I was told that I TOO, could have a go with young Achmed, he was that way motivated, and would be used as a woman during the nights.
    The sheer hypocrasi never failed to amaze me. Kill Homos but a spot of sh1t stabbing or odd blow oh Very Nice.
  7. Whilst I sympathise with your sentiments PTP, me fears that there is an element of truth in there somewhere.

    Was reading up about the DRC yesterday after seeing an interview with their "2ic" on the box (I know, how fcuking dull is that?) and it would appear that some of the third world's (and a splattering of the Western) UN "peacekeepers" were no better than the scum that they had supposedly been sent there to protect against.

    There does seem to be a very, very big double standards issue going on in the UN which however you look at it pans out as this.

    If you come from a predominantly white "1st world" country then you had better be squeaky clean because if you even fart out of place, you’re nailed. Your court of enquiry will be constantly pushed to the forefront of the media and the UN will expect your head on a stick.

    If you come from a "3rd world" country, well crack on and act how you like, the UNSC will by large ignore it, ask for an internal investigation run by your own corrupt commanders who were probably in with you in the first place and won't make a big song and dance about the outcome.

    It’s not really surprising that comments like Armourers are made when practices like this seem to be the norm
  8. This is truly shocking. The Australians have a paratroop battalion? 8O
  9. My friend has just come back from 2 weeks out there: she did some voluntary work with some of the kids who live in a place far outside of Dili where there's electricity twice a week & no running water. As if the poor little kids don't have enough shit to deal with. These sort of stories make me angry, sick and upset.
  10. Their is widespread knowledge of the porblems that the UN peacekeepers bring with them. I seem to remeber the same happened in the balkans, where UN troops were responsible for the majority of the trade in the illegal sex industry. The Albanian mobs ran sex dens for illegal and barely legal aged girls (and boys 8O ) to pleasure the UN troops.

    I will try and finn the report
  11. It's a shame that you find the fact that muslims get preferential treatment over Christians boring, I call it worrying.
  12. Armourer , it's not only getting boring. Your 'interesting' views aren't really adding anything to a discussion. As you invited me to do before , if 'I don't like them, I can delete them' . I think I'll be taking you up on that offer.

    So either restrict yourself to discussing facts that can be proven beyond doubt, or have your posts chopped.

  13. Deleted.

    Off topic.
  14. Any one up for going back to having colonies? If British officers commanded these "foreign troops" this wouldnt happen thats for sure :D