Jordan says Hamas plotted attacks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 25, 2006.

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    Strategy of Hamas is now clear. They will try to avoid a direct confrontation with Israel for a while. Their main target is apparently Jordan. Islamic revolution/coup in the kingdomn could lead to Hamas' control over Jordan.

    This scenario is not absolutely impossible taken into account that majority of Jordanians are in fact Palestinians. The next target could be ... Saudi Arabia. In the case of success Hamas would have very serious arguments in its endless struggle with Israel.
  2. No love lost between the two, as you say many Pals are living in Jordan (approx 50% of civ pop??).

    Open warfare between them in the early '70s, one of the reasons the Palestinian movement relocated to Lebanon (where they truly screwed that country).
  3. Well that's Jordan's side of the story, what does Jodie Marsh say?
    If those who like Jordan are called Jordanians, does that mean the ones who prefer Jodie are called Jodie Martians?
    Think Hamas are setting their sights a bit low going after Jordan anyway, maybe they should rethink and go after, say, Nell McAndrew. All they'd have to do is open a crisp packet and she'd be there!
  4. And Peter Andre's been a bit outspoken on the Chechnyan crisis this week!
  5. Did she?
  6. No doubt the newly democratic Russian government will be queueing up to sell them some posh kit to
    further their ambitions.....