Jordan: Katie Price needs a hysterectomy?


Its just a shame her mother didnt have one before the thing was conceived.


WTF is it with 9+ yo threads beig resurrected? She's still fugly, some would still fire one up her for the bragging rights... 22 Aug 2009 - 10 Jan 2019 ffs!
Is it just me or does anyone else think that this skanky biatch needs the snip? Lets face it she has one kid who is a mong and by god she has a daughter who has to be the ugliest kid i have ever seen in my life and had the ******* gall to call her princess... ******* hell the kid should have been culled at birth, the other kid seems ok, but being raised by that whorebag will probably turn out all fucked up. And no after seeing her lie their like a sack of spuds in that video i do not have any wish to **** this tramp, would rather kick her teeth through the back of her head!!!
I'm not sure if it's your intention but I'm getting a sense that you're not very enamoured with Katie? Like I say it's just a guess
Blimey she's so out of luck, the bottom fell out of the used underwear market last decade
Something you want to tell us mate or did you hear it from a friend?
Something you want to tell us mate or did you hear it from a friend?
I know birds that used to sell them online, and then sites starting clamping down on selling adult stuff so the available market shrank

Plenty of consumers out there

So a friend, not a fwend
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