Jordan has PTSD

I'd imagine that half a dozen sprogs by half a dozen blokes constantly asking her "Mum, who is my actual dad" would cause her PTSD.
I'd just feed it less or get it a gastric band
If it was 8 stone less you could chain it up easier
she probably has fat fanny juices, that's why he is a porkie mong
Katie Price, 40, 'downed four pornstar martinis and crashed her £75,000 pink Range Rover into a parked car before drunkenly clambering into the back seat to avoid being caught as the driver'

Katie Price arrives at court to face trial over drink driving charge | Daily Mail Online

"Both Price and Mr Boyson said a third person had been driving and that they ran off after the trio had an argument, the court heard."
Harvey, perhaps?
I'm thinking an as-yet unidentified Russian . . .
I'm intensely looking forwards to her eventual implosion, which promises to be spectacular and quite funny to boot. As with many 'popular' people, they surround themselves with an entourage that will never criticise them, meaning they have no self awareness.
Katie Price is SLAMMED by fans for giving her children zero calorie syrup | Daily Mail Online

But other fans were quick to defend her, as they praised her as an 'amazing mum' and commended her on teaching her children to eat healthier.
Hitting back at a critic, one wrote: 'nothing wrong with teaching our children to make healthy choices! My 6 year old daughter has just finished a healthy me topic at school they learned about calories, sugar, far and what healthier choices they can make.'
While another gushed: 'You are an amazing mum x'
And another praised Katie's eldest son, as they said: 'I love Harvey, he is so sweet. Such a pure soul'

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