Jordan Confiscates Al-Jazeera Interview With Prince Hassan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by castlereagh, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Seems all is not well within the Hashemite clan - Plucky little king's (Mark II) uncle - Prince Hassan gave a very revealing interview to Al Jazeera in which he criticised America and other Arab nations for raising sectarian tensions in the middle East. He also named the former Saudi Ambassador to the US as being behind the funding of anti-Hezbollah groups in Lebanon.

    Now what are the odds on Prince Hassan on having a very nasty little accident? :twisted:
  2. Genius post! Get people all interested by spouting off about Jordan then going into some political mumbo jumbo. I thought I was gatting a scoop on Katie and Peter banning Al Jazeera from airing a video of a kinky 3'some with Hassan.
  3. Jordan ...Jaz .. Prince Nassim

    I also thought some inter-racial luurve making had popped up (if you excuse the phrase)

    Must go and get my eyes tested - perhaps my old Gran was right after all
  4. Easy mistake :twisted: I thought I might be in for a treat when I saw this one :D