Jonny Is Back !!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. Twenty mins left and he is dismantling the Jocks almost on his own.

    Eat shit Oatmeal Ethnics !
  2. I was just coming on to say the same thing! He will have a nice lip tommorow though.

    C'mon the Wilko, grand slam here we come !!
  3. And later, to prove how hard he is, he's going to kick the sh1t out of some blind kids.
  4. That sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday night
  5. Bit quiet this thread. No cocky Jockies then?

    Got gubbed, and I am one bottle of Port to the better.

  6. Most people who know better are waiting to see what happens when he goes up against a team who don't look like they've just been carried, dribbling and Mllaarrring, off the Sushine Coach.
  7. Like he did in 2003? :thumleft:
  8. Ah yes, the better part of 4 years ago. We'll see how he does once he takes a couple of hard knocks against the Micks and the Frogs. Can't wait to see England return to same brand of the most tedious, lacklustre rugby that the world has ever seen. Draw a penalty, give it to Johnnie. Draw a penalty, give it Johnnie. (Repeat ad nauseum.) England wasn't winning matches, it was boring the opposition to death.

    Fcuking gongs all round for winning a sports tournament? Get to fcuk.
  9. Jonny 'Cardboard' Wilkinson will get injured next run out, fear not
  10. Crab, great avatar it tells it all……lol :mrgreen:
  11. Frankly not a bad score for us considering that we had some players out. Drop the Johnnie "no try2 and you get a very respectable score. Also What are the thoughts of the southerners on the fact that Robinson and Johnnie did it all for you. Where was the rest of the team. TBH I don't think you have the team you think, and since I am being honest beating a team of also rans isn't exactly "6 nations champion stuff" or indeed "WC winning stuff". Yip, already hearing that at work... Fook me what a laff!
  12. You know what, after the (deserved) jibbing we have had for our appalling form over the last 2 years, we are allowed to celebrate giving the Old Enemy a stuffing. It was great for all genuine Rugby fans to see the lad pull on an England Jersey again after the run of luck he has had.

    Why don't you stick those Sour Grapes back up your arrse you chinny cnut.
  13. It would be two faced of me not to come on and comment. Modest in victory and magnanimous in defeat and all that (unlike the nob who ran into my office on Friday hands aloft yelling 'we won' after the latest ODI). So well done England, you deserved your win - just! Not quite the 100 points that someone on here predicted the other day!!

    I was at the game and the scoreline doesn't do the Scots justice, I was very close to where Wilkinson scored his try and a blind man on a galloping horse could hardly have got it more wrong. The video ref needs to play that one back a few more times - and I'm the last one to have a go at refs. I note Jonny wasn't convinced it was down before his foot as well (various including BBC website).

    Wilkinson played brilliantly and I wonder how he'd have done against the Scots first choice back row - never mind the Welsh, Irish & French. It will be very interesting to see how it pans out. I truly hope the man all the best of luck - the ultimate sportsman in my book.

    Concur with most, Crabtistic - I guess you had a full bevvy on but you really should not try and live up to your avatar.
  14. Yes, Wilco was given a try that was not. But the Sweaties got a try after interference in the line out that was not picked up. Shit happens. Ellis had a good game, as did most of the others. Not World Cup winning stuff without a doubt, but a huge improvement as a team, over the last matches.

    But this says all that matters.
  15. Good post even better video. …………