Jonny faces another month out.

I hope Jonny doesn't do the lottery ! His run of luck is unbelievable. Faces another month out with kidney damage sustained last week v Bristol.
The guy is never going to play again for England again, I dont think he's even played 4 consecutive games since 2003? Have to feel for him.
The invisible Sniper has moved from St James Park to Gosforth.

The injury curse of Newcastle has spread to the Rugby team!
It is a truly gutting run of bad luck! Hell, it's a credit to him that he hasn't fallen into a pit of misery and torment! Imagine the depression a weaker man would suffer...

Let's all send good thoughts and sh1t so he can get back on his feet and England can have a decent kicker again! :meditate:
BBC News 24 are reporting that he might be out till Feb ! Poor lad, and poor English Rugby..
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