Jon Venables Wants Primetime TV Interview

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Peter Dow Disciple, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. James Bulger’s killer Jon Venables wants to do a primetime TV interview watched by millions to tell his life story for the first time. In a move which will devastate murdered toddler James’s family, Venables, 28, has even compared it with BBC Panorama’s infamous Princess Diana interview. His sickening proposal emerged after a parole board hearing retired on Friday to decide whether he can be freed after being jailed again last year for child porn.

    A well-placed prison source said: “Venables would prefer a TV interview like the one Princess Diana did with the BBC in 1995. He would demand to be shot in shadow, but apart from that would be open to answering all questions. He believes the public would see he is not a monster.”

    James Bulger killer Jon Venables wants a primetime TV interview -

    Jamie Bulger will be spinning in his grave
  2. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Better than spinning on a train track.
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  3. Zen


    He would demand to be shot in shadow
    That could be arranged i suppose.
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  4. Bah beaten to it I had images of him spinning around like a Bedford propshaft.

    Still at least it'll get his mum's fizzer back on the TV and be a timley reminder for all the store detectives who to follow around what shop she's in after all lost her last kid through being light fingered. Still seems to be a patteren emerging from Liverpool with parents who cant be arsed with their offspring and something nasty happing to them.
  5. Bulger was in that shopping centre preparing to shoplift. If you ask me, Venables and Thompson reduced Britains crime rate by one on that day.

    The last thing bulger needed to worry about was being prosecuted
  6. Was thinking something along the lines of "Does the accused have any last statements or requests..... No.... Squad.... Present......Aim.....Fire"
  7. I for one would be interested to see what he's got to say. I've never considered the sadistic murder of small children as a way of stimulating my sexual appetites, but as time goes by and the familiar loses its gloss, it's worth hearing what an expert in sado-paedophile homicide has to say. There might be something in it for the mature gentleman as well as the callow youth.
  8. maybe the cunt wants to tell everyone how many times he got arse raped
    in the bogs.
  9. tell him its going to a soft focus job.
    then shove in front of the Jeremy vile show
    30 mins later release the sarin just in case:)
  10. I think it only fair that a psychotic kiddy fiddling babymurderer should be able to dictate our viewing to the British public, he's earned his interview and it's the least we can do to watch it.

    After all is said and done, high end babies arse kicking in overnonce Paul Gadd once had his own TV show!
  11. The batteries that were shoved up his arse must've run out!
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  12. I'm sure the thread title should read ' Jon Venables would like primetime TV interview'. I'm fairly sure that 'I want' still 'doesn't get', even if you're a superstar convicted child murderer.
  13. This idea could have legs! NO....let me finish!

    Let him have his 15 minutes of fame to tell his life story....then have a public phone poll to see how it ends! For example being bum raped by a big black man called Doris with a steel plated pineapple and one of them sticks they jammed canonballs in with, or being skinned alive by a Papua New Guinean in an Yves St Laurent chamois loincloth, before being rubbed down with a chilli infused pan scourer and lifted in and out of a nice hot bath! All filmed in glorious HD of course

    This could be just what Reality tv needs!!
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  14. Killim. Just kill the twat.
  15. Seems like a good idea to me,

    Martin Bashir 'Well Mr Venables, thank you for the interview, and sharing your pain with us. In the interests of a balanced programme, we will now share Jamie's pain with you.'

    Note to props dept, please ensure a full range of hockey sticks and bricks are availible to the audience at this point of the prog.

    Failing that, 'That was Jon Venables, a live broadcast, we can just see him getting into his yellow Ford Focus at the east exit, those of you with HD will be able to see the VRN of JV 123 JB. Ahh there seems to be a problem opening the gate, so he might be here a while, if any member of the public would care to help open the gate, come to East Gate, Media City, Salford. Thanking you in advance.
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