Jon Stewart is Americas most trusted newscaster?

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Jon Stewart

  2. Katie Couric

  3. Charlie Gibson

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  4. Brian Williams

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  5. Bill O'Reilly

  6. Sean Hannity

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  7. Shepard Smith

  8. Chris "Tweety" Matthews

  9. Stephen Colbert

  1. Online poll in Time Now that Walter Cronkite has passed on, who is America's most trusted newscaster?

    Via 3QD
    Poll is rigged of course. No wonder folk out in Idaho were confused. No Shepard Smith, Hannity, O'Reilly. And for that matter where's Stewart's fellow buffoons like Colbert or the hilarious Chris "Tweety" Matthews.
  2. If you were subjected to US network news on a regular basis you too would be exaperated by just how bad it really is, so I'm really not surprised that a comedian now gets top billing. A large part of Stewart's schtick is pointing out just how retarded the news is in the States. (I loved what he did to CNN's Lou Dobbs earlier this week.)

    There are a number of reasons for this, based upon two main problems- the advent of 24hr news where they're compelled to fill the air whether or not there's anything actually happening. The other problem is that the networks now expect the news to be revenue generating, leading to info-tainment- which is why we get cnuts like Bill O'Reilly (ex-Denver weatherman), Keith Olberman (sports broadcaster) and Obama's new knob-polisher, Christ Matthews.

    Best real newsman- Jim Lehrer on PBS.
  3. No Lara Logan in your selection :?
  4. I haven't bothered with the 24 hours news channels in years... much better to go online and get caught up on world events that way. Do occasionally watch Stewert and Colbert though, a bit of humor helps cut down on the annoyance at the absurdity. Far as any one talking head being "trusted" over another... no one in the current generation can lay claim to that title.
  5. I've been living over here 3 years and still cant get over how shite the sceptics news coverage is.

    I work with a guy who firmly believes Fox is unbiased reporting- franky I think you get more objectivity from Al Jazera (or I would if I could spell it.)

    As a previous poster said- get it online. If you cant ger BBC America.
  6. For what it's worth I've worked for 3 of the US network's major News providers as a cameraman both here and abroad.

    Although on the whole they are professional and efficient - and they look after you when things get rough - the unbelievable editorial influence dominating the major stories is at first amusing then after a while pretty soul destroying.

    For the record I worked with Shep Smith in a pretty dodgy conflict and found him to be professional and approachable and unlike some of his colleagues willing to listen to advice when things got hot.
  7. In fairness, despite the plastic surgery and bizarre eyebrows of which a 16yr old Mexican girl would be proud, Shepherd Smith is the closest thing to a decent anchorman they have on Fox News who'll be prepared to let the other side have a fair shake of the stick. Actually, off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone on either CNN or MSNBC of similar seniority who'd do the same or better.
  8. With the exception of Couric, Williams, Smith and maybe Gibson the rest aren't "newscasters" they are commentators or entertainers.

    Bit of an idiotic poll really.
  9. Having just spent a week in the US, I see what you mean. I didn't believe that it could be that bad - full of adverts for Creationist museums and interviews by people who used "secular liberal" as an insult, and of people with cancer who claimed that their European friends would rather have the US medical system of "can't pay, tough luck".

    Propaganda channel, not a news channel.
  10. You think Shep is a real newscaster? He's a purveyor of Infotainment like all the FOX News crew. CNN and all the 24/7 crews are little better.

    Someone was drunk enough to vote for Tweety!
  11. Just as real as Katie, Gibson and the rest of the dunderheads. NBC, CBS, CNN and in part ABC are nothing more then propogandist for the DNC. Fox is the only network that has even a modicum of journalistic integrity at the moment.

    Is funny how Fox is the only one gaining viewership while all the others are losing it.

    Hell even Glenn Beck's show; note I don't call it news as it is an extension of his radio talk show, and he himself does not profess to be a "journalist", has better numbers then I believe the competitor cable networks combined in that same time slot.