Jon Snow vs Zac Goldsmith on C4

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Victorian_Major, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. Worth watching C4+1 to see Jon Snow (who has a good track record of donating ties to Arrse charity auctions) take Zac Goldsmith to task on expenses. IMHO Goldsmith comes across as a smug tosser with some rather poor media skills.
  2. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Just saw that myself, very shouty with Jon Snow giving no quarter and remaining cool as a cucumber following the interview.
    Goldsmith was a total plonk but he did get the last word in which is about all you can say in his favour.

    Snow was very professional.

    Great entertainment.
  3. They both looked pretty poor to me, and it's not on expenses, it's all about Candidate MPs spending money their not supposed to on their election campaigns, their own money that is.
  4. Jon Snow and Jeremy Bowen are two of the reasons I really hate visual broadcast media. A pair of more self-satisfied, biased, paltry excuses for proper journalists I have never seen. It is a pity they have to spread themselves across two networks, as if they were on just the one, I could avoid them and happily get my proper news fix.

  5. Jon Snow came across as a tribal labour shrill who was trying to run a hatchet job on a Tory Toff's expenses, he has never to my knowledge attempted anything similar on any serving or former Labour MP

    Don't know about that, Goldsmith talked the interview out quite correctly, he refused to be lied about on prime time TV, you and I would do the same.

    No he wasn't otherwise he would have made sure Goldsmith did not have the opportunity to control the interview because of the falsehoods that c4 had used to get him on the programe. As some one who claims to be a serious Journalist Snow should be covering stuff that actually means something rather than some class / Tory baiting about election expenses in Richmond FFS.

    Yes agreed another failed attempt by media lefties to deny the election results.
  6. Giving a few food stained ties to be auctioned off on Arrse no matter how well meaning the action does not excuse the p1ss poor biased journalism for which Jon Snow excells.

    He came across as somebody who was rightly aggrieved about being the target of a poorly executed smear operation and he managed to control the interview throughout. I was however less than impressed by his lack of tie, bad form but then he is a cad.
  7. I know I'm old and dopey, but which constituency elected J Snow?
  8. Your point being?
  9. Think it was piss poor bit of journalism should have just asked him the questions.
    hows loads of posters with your name and face on them helping the council election
    and 2 grands worth of jackets suddenly worth 200 quid.

    its quite technical stuff but the powers that be get really upset if you lie on the return some labour mp last election got into hot water so Zac may well be for the high jump or might at least to be fair the lib who lost the seat probably spent more than was allowed as well
  10. I think that both of them came across as smug, bloated and arrogant F**wits....... Mr Snow is not exactly a Jeremy Paxman, and has made himself look a right t*t on Channel 4 News when interviewing people before in the past. he can sometimes be very 'shouty', or really cringeworthy when some famous has been interviewed..........

    "The Channel 4 News presenter was filmed giving a toe-curling homage to 80s pop sensation Rick Astley.
    His off-key rendition of Never Gonna Give You Up comes complete with a little dance routine performed in the news studio."
  11. Having expected the son and brother of Sir Jammy Fishpaste And Jemima Khan respectively to come across as a complete knob, imagine my surprise to find myself sympathising with him. If you can shrug your class war chip off your shoulder, and listen to what was said, basically Snow was at the head of a C4 News hatchet job on someone expected to appeal to the Guardianista prejudices as an old school TORY bastard. What a pity that Snow botched it and allowed Fishpaste Jr to get his argument across.

    I have little to no time for Snow, he rarely seems to interview anyone to get at the truth of the matter, instead using his position to further his own political views.

  12. Along with the smug prats Dimbleby & Paxman who ALWAYS seem to think they know better than any of the people they interview!