Jon Snow refuses to wear a poppy on TV

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by trademarklondon, Nov 3, 2010.

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  1. I couldn't care less if they wear a poppy or a matching set of pink panties/bra.
  2. It's got frig all to do with anyone but him. The poppy fascism that starts this time every year is embarassing.
  3. Really dont care, its a personal choice.
  4. Don't see the issue. People fought for the freedom to be able to make your own choice and not being forced into something.
  5. It was never a case of him not wanting to wear one full stop. He just chooses to wear one on Rememberance Sunday only and not the days leading up to it.

    Don't see what all the song and ******* dance is about frankly.
  6. Political correctness gone mad.... they criticise him for not wearing a poppy but allow their presenters like russell brand etc to push the limits of decency beyond all boundaries. Common sense seems to have gone for fear of being branded politically incorrect.
  7. Maybe he's read Queens Regs (unlike most units)
  8. What the **** has happened to ARRSE recently, Wheres the outrage bus? Hang him I say! How dare he have free will. Does he think he has rights or something? Burn him at the stake.
  9. Who does?

    And this bit to make the message long enough
  10. I think the poppy bit about TV presenters and Jon Snow has been done already, it's his choice if and when to wear it.
  11. Its a personal choice. Wearing one means nothing if your forced too.
  12. Apart from his political rants I think he's and all round good guy. Who the **** are The Daily Wail (Repulsive rag!) to dictate when someone wears a poppy?
  13. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Discussed on Radio Scotland today.

    They had SImon Weston on obviously expected him to be outraged. Said much as above, he wears it on Rememberance Sunday, it's his choice.

    Weston was more outraged by the tarting up of poppies with glitter, sequins etc to make them a fashion accessory rather than a symbol.

    And also he was on about metal an enamel ones as those last and therefore not a good source of income for the Earl Haig Fund, unlike the flimsy paper ones which you have to keep buying every year.