Jon Snow liken medias coverage of HRH to soviet censorship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've just seen C4's news coverage of the Harry story. 1900 Thu 28 Feb 08.

    Snow interviewed a 'panel' including a Col Mercer MP a recently retired officer and a media wonk on.

    The whole push of Snow's interview was that the media has behaved wrongly in not breaking the story about HRH. He repeatedly goaded the interviewees by stating that no the press would not be bound by such censorship outside of China and the former Soviet Union.

    When it was pointed out to him that the press were behaving responsibly because if they reported the story they would be putting HRH's life at risk and the live's of those around him Snow's attitude was that HRH should not habve joined the Army he should have gone into banking.

    I'm afraid we are not talking about a reporter playing devil's advocate, it was quite clear this was his view. He is so far up his own tail pipe that he cannot see the difference between censorship and responsibility.

    I would suggest he is also a coward. He pretty much revealed that he had been aware of the deployment, yet he chose to keep quiet despite his high horse moral objections to censorship. I presume he did so because he knew that he would have lost his job and earned the opprobrium of every right thinking person in the land.

    Rant Over
  2. Jon Snow a man - on the slippery slope to obscurity. He will be history long before those he tries to demean
  3. Could be a vacancy at Panorama for him
  4. Snow is, in the language of theArmy, a cnut!.

    He is a totally self-obsessed, self important, wholly irrelevant reader of 'tv prompts'.

    He is ill-mannered, ill-informed, and I cannot imagine that anyone now watches his fatuous, facile so-called progammes.
  5. From Snow's Ch4 blog:

    What an utter cnut. Hopefully the low-pitched whirring sound he can hear is his grandfather, Gen Thomas D'Oyly Snow, spinning in his grave.

    I imagine the squaddies around him are going to exactly the same lengths to which they would go to keep any other member of their unit safe- a task that has been made that much harder now because of this breach of Persec. The only question for me is why, FFS, the Palace/MoD made this agreement with the media to have people fly out there to talk to him in the first place. He's an officer in his Granny's army. Let him get on with his job uninterrupted like everyone else. If they want footage, just give his lads a couple helmet cams. The press have a hard-on for that sort of footage anyway.

    Edit: The bit at the end there about it being a "gorgeously contentious issue" just about sums it up. He's more excited about the publicity and the fallout from the story than the actual content of the story itself, the self-aggrandising twot. Christ, I hope he gets raped on the way home from work tomorrow.
  6. I would have disagree with the way this thread is going, surely if the government can cantrol the press this much. Then we are effectively living within a society where they can control everything the press says and does therefor controlling the whole nation by lies and decect.

    Now as a serving soldier I am in total support of the prince being there and totally realise the need for it not to be plastered all over the press and internet where he is and what he and his MEN are doing for ALL their safety.

    But I would like to know if there is anything else affecting this country, the royal family, the government, the MOD or any other agency that has managed to be kept quiet?

    NOW let me repeat, I am NOT some anti-war, anti-royal family tree hugger.

    I wish HRH the best of luck as I do all the troops serving in hot sandy places and everywhere else.
  7. I saw this as well.

    Jon Snow is one complete cnut. Every time he interviews someone he tries to push them into saying something and if he doesn't get what he wanted them to say he tries to talk over them. When i was watching it i couldn't believe what he was saying.

    C4 news just finished and he said the story has caused a hot debate on our website etc.. and he read out 2 people views and both were negative against him i bet they get deleted.
  8. Surely this is the old D notice....standard practice.

    And before everyone launches into a Jon Snow hate campaign, he supported the Arrse RBL auctions, good enough for me.

    As a journo he is paid to court controversy and get the opinion of ALL the panel infront of him, not just push an agenda.
  9. Have you taken a stupid pill or have you never heard of a D notice?
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Now you're just being stupid. Go away and re-think what you've said in context.
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Its not about controlling the press. Its about OPSEC. The press would, quite rightly refuse to have anything to do with a cover up. This story would have been reported eventually when it was safe to do so.

    It is excatly the same as when the police ask the press not to reveal information about a crime because they believe that that information would hinder their investigation or otherwise aid criminals. The press are free to report whatever they like once the information is no longer sensitive.

    I may be a complete cnut, and I've posted things on here that other people don't like, but like most Arrsers there are things I know which I would not write about because it might affect somebody else security or it might give succour to our enemies. Its not censorship it behaving responsibly.
  12. They are called DA notices now and cannot be enforced on the foreign press anyway.

    However, this was not a case of the media being forced not to report on HRH but being asked not to for his own safety and those around him. It was a common sense request and not censorship.

    Sadly too many journos lack common sense and prefer to act irresponsibly.
  13. Oh and i don't normally say this but well done to the MP during the interview he didn't give Jon snow anything.
  14. B'all,

    I have to agree with you.

    No censorship at all here - the Brit media played the game because they are not all total w*nkers and besides, it would not have been in their interest or anyone else's to break the deal...

    Jon Snow is just doing his job - a bit misguided perhaps - and probably because he knew nothing about it, truth be told!

    The real scum here are Drudge Report for leaking it.