Jon Snow donates tie for ARRSE: Royal British Legion auction

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ABrighter2006, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Last year there was some debate on ARRSE and elsewhere in relation to Jon Snow's refusal to wear a poppy when presenting Channel 4 News.

    Knowing that Jon's stance relating to wearing a poppy on air, does not translate into a "glorifying war" or lack of support for the Royal British Legion, I emailed Jon, last night, asking if he would donate one his abstract ties to the ARRSE auction for RBL this year.

    The following from his reply, may just clear up any confusions:

    Good Co has seen the orignal email, and has entered Jon's tie in the

    ARRSE: Royal British Legion Auction preview thread

    Well done Jon Snow. :D
  2. Good drills AB06, and well done Jon Snow. Any other celebs we can cyber-mug?, a pair of Natalie Imbruglia's (worn) kecks should fetch a good amount
  3. Well done Jon Snow my arrse.
    He may, when prompted, indeed remain "eternally gratefuyl" but he refused to wear a poppy last year in remembrance of our war dead.
    He may, a year on, pacify a few arrsers with his donation of a tie, but he very publicly stuck two fingers up at those men and women who died for this country.
    I'm yet to be persuaded that he is deserving of a well done rather than a 'shame on you'
  4. IIRC Ian Hislop has adopted a similar attitude on everyone having to wera this ribbon or that bangle for broadcast.

    I was undecided about Snow's attitude, but he does seem up for it and does give Ministers a hard time. I think he is OK really.

    Hate his ties though - can we get him to wear an arrse tie next time he talks to the part-time SoS ?
  5. Jon Snow did wear a poppy last year - but not on screen. Far from holding two fingers up to those we remember, he made his views clear, for those bothered to see beyond the headlines. Freedom of expression is a fairly basic freedom that many have fought and died for and continue to do so.

    Not up for a ruck Major Issues, yes, maybe pacifying, but the aim here is raising funds for the RBL - simple as, if it stimulates a bit of lively debate around the issue - good news.

    I'm hoping that Carole Malone of the Daily Mirror might consider donating a similarly personal item, having commented on this last year.
  6. No really..a big WELL DONE to you for getting a tie donated..great stuff getting items for auction like this..but Jon Snow did a lot of harm to the Poppy appeal last year. What he chooses to do in private is the same as for everyone else in this country- his own business completely.
    What Jon Snow did last year though was far from neutral or innocent. He
    introduced a new term to our minds..that of 'Poppy Fascism'
    A particularly nasty term to form and expound to anyone who'd listen.
    Jon Snow declared that he is constantly asked by charities to wear various emblems and badges to promote the charities, and he always refuses.
    He refused to wear a poppy on air in support of remembrance of those who died for us in war, without whom he wouldn't even have the freedom to do his job without censure.
    This man knows the media inside out. He used it to promote his own beliefs on the subject. the absence of a poppy on air was not a neutral statement but a strong one. He followed this act of disrespect and defiance with further publicity for his views. He posted on his blog and spoke in interviews to promote his voice...a voice that he uses to persuade and influence listeners to his viewpoint daily without such feigned and arrogant and self-promoted hand washing.
    Thanks to the oh so neutral Jon Snow we now have 'Poppy Fascism' Nice.
    It will cost more than the price of a bloody donated tie to undo the financial impact he has made against poppy sales!

    Carry on with the gathering of donations that man!
  7. Jon Snow, as pointed out by Wedge on another thread, wore a "Make Poverty History" band on air. So if you are going to make a stance on not wearing charitable bumf whilst on air, surely this should apply across the board?
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    In a word, bollocks.

    Snow did not introduce Poppy Facism, but views like yours support it.

    Anybody wearing a poppy will get a smile from me, and the popularity of this appeal on ARRSE needs no introduction. But to castigate Snow, or anyone else for not wearing a poppy flies right in the face of the very freedoms people have fought and died for over centuries.

    Do you really want to see people wearing poppies because they are afraid of the backlash if they dont? Because that is precisely why many 'Good Germans' wore a Swastika armband in the 40's. Fear.

    Finally, Snow makes a good point. If he wore every ribbon, badge and armband offered by every good cause over a year, Channel 4 news would be presented by a talking Morris Dancer Maypole.

    *Edit* Thanks for the tie Jon. Nice one. May you continue to wear whatever the frock you want on-air.
  9. If he was a real good egg then he'd mention the website auction on the news :)
  10. If you care to read what I actually wrote I make it clear that if Jon Snow had not worn a poppy on air and had then not made a statement on the fact there would be no problem at all.
    Jon Snow attempts to paint himself as a neutral and agenda-less journalist yet every time he appears on our screens and opens his mouth and speaks he is busy colouring our opinions and our understanding of events.
    Wearing a poppy is not in the same league as any other badge or adornment. It is the fundamental and public annual unifying symbol of our national remembrance of our War dead. It's not just 'another' charity.
    If he had made no comment it would not be an issue, but he did.
    He attacked those who encourage the purchase and wearing of poppies as 'poppy fascists'.
    He used the very public media to make a personal statement, thereby encouraging others also to make a stand against those who encourage the purchase and wearing of poppies.
    Shame on him. He's cost the RBL money and set it back.

  11. As I mentioned above, what about the povert wrist band then?
  12. So if say, Bottler Broon or Swiss Des decided they didn't want to wear one you'd support them?
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Talk to a guy who's wife is dying of breast cancer and maybe you will get a different view of what constitutes an important charity?

    Remembrence day and the attendent ceremonies are emotive and important, and raise a few quid for RBL. Fine. But the day we start on people for not supporting it is the day I give up on any notion of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of action and freedom of expression.

    Which would you rather have? Several hundred thousand people getting behind the poppy appeal because they understood it? Or forcing school kids to wear a poppy on pain of exclusion? Because thats where your argument will take us.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    No. I'd be sickened. And I'd be equally sickened if I thought one person was wearing a poppy because they'd been blackmailed into it.

    Charity is about giving. Freely. Not making people feel like shit because they havent given.
  15. I feel that the word 'Appeal' is often overshadowed by the word poppy. If we start to use bully tactics to make people wear them we will alienate potential givers.
    There will always be a percentage of throbbers who can quote reasons for not wearing one, just ignore them and move on.