Jolly good job you fellows, although being...


The Sun Says (today):  "Britain continues to punch above its weight globally.

We are a small country — but our influence outstrips our size tenfold — maybe twentyfold.

Some of that is due to history — a history of which we should be much more proud.

It is also due to the brilliance of our Armed Forces whose might propels British Prime Ministers to top tables around the world.

Being a nuclear power obviously helps."
Do you honestly believe TONY (fake smile, seaty shirt, visit the troops despite having been a card carrying communist) will ever push the button if it came to it. He would have to consult his spin dorctors first.

Now if Presscott took over, he'd nuke anyone thinking of lobbing an egg!


Trouble is we won't continue to punch above our weight once we have tied ourselves into this proposed euro-army cluster-**** that the Vicar seems so keen on.  Our reputation is built on the willingness to commit which will never happen when deployment depends on the agreement of a committee of Quislings and collaborators, which is what the rest of Europe is made up of.

Good CO

Now, I'm no procurement genius and to be honest my knowledge of the bigger 'Euro picture' isn't up to much, but we are currently little more than a defence force and would seem to be deployed more as an advert for the UK (defence exports are quite important to the UK by coincidence) than anything else.  We can do bugger all without the US, in fact.

If we are to be anything other than a slightly unpredictable US annex, admittedly with considerable diplomatic / humint advantages, we need to look to Europe in the longer term; ie joint everything.  I know EFA and all the others have been a nightmare, but it's got to be the long term aim.

Now I'll admit that working with Southern Europeans doesn't really inspire me greatly.  A Turkish CO? Nice.  A German admin office might be slightly more effective though.  

Finally, there is undoubtedly one massive problem with the whole Euro thing: anything with 'Euro' at the start immediately makes me think of a belt fed series of German words puntuated with ' David Hasselhof', 'disco', 'pop music' etc.  Not so good.


I prefer the corporate model for the future of Europe as follows:
Defence - UK (funded by all the cowards)
Car Building - Germany
Porn Industry - Sweden
Chocolate and Beer Manufacture - Belgium
etc ad nauseam.


Like it, Schimpfer.

However, it would be more interesting if responsibilites were on a "round robin" basis.

in 2003 we could have-

UK - cars
Belgium -fighting
Germany - sitcoms
France - hygene
The Vatican - porn
It is worthy of a mention that myself and my mates are nearing the 500 mark of LSSA that we are in fact justifying UK PLC place at the Security council.  Anyone for a quick holiday in Goma?
I see a problem with the Euro the bloody hell do we get the french and Spanish to do anything? ???

We must invite the Portugese however...we need the after dinner drink. :eek:

Capt.....If you're going to goma, watch out the bu**ers don't try to syphon your fuel tank!! ;D
not to mention having to put reserve det lines in behind the Italians to stop them buggering off whenever the heat gets turned up. Although it might be a use for the Military Provost Guard Service
Being, as I am, the self-appointed resurrector of the lost thread.... I have brought this up from the bottom to show how quickly things change....  So the turks are going to take over as lead nation when we pull out are they?  The whole turkish nation seems incapable of finishing a house never mind a war! ........

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