Jolie posters glamorised guns

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Gun_Nut, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. BBC article

    Bah! Haven't these do-gooders got anything better to do? Personally, I think that Ms Joile should have been chastised for being "Offensively easy on the eye, whilst in flagrant violation of Rule 3!"

  2. Are these peoples mongs? Angelina Jolies fit, guns are cool, guns and angelina jolie=quality! Films a bunch of nonsense though, saw it on download, like the Matrix without the 'Wow, I've not seen that before' factor, thouh you do get to see a mostly naked Angelina Jolie...
  3. To be honest I was so busy beating the meat over our Angie, that I didnt even notice a gun in that picture!! Now Im looking though, that 20 round magazine is giving me the horn!! :twisted:
  4. It's all that chrome for me PHWOOOOOOOOR!!!
  5. Its some gay pistol when are we going to see jolie with something belt fed? that would certainly glamourise guns :D .
  6. The human race has been "glamourising violence" since the very first Ugg gave a good shoeing to a member of the competing Ogg tribe and found he got some extra shagging rights back at the village.

    To be honest I can see why some delicate flowers may worry about the odd movie poster, but I wonder if they wrote to their MP and screamed themselves hoarse about Iraq? There's movie posters ... and then there's your own country starting a bloodbath: where's the sense of proportion?

    Ironic, maybe, that if there is one place where you are least likely to find people who "glamourise violence", it is right here on this website ...
  7. ..and why only this one, you would have a list of film posters going to the moon and back with guns on to complain about if you wanted to.

    Anyway, guns are less cool than knives to the yoof of today is you believe the rags, all thanks to the effective UK gun control....errrrm
  8. FFS - ridiculous!

    Here's another (avert eyes/look away if under 16yrs...):

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  9. Thats ok though because it's an airgun (can't remember the exact model).....oh but aren't those soon to be in the axis of evil too?
  10. Walther LP53! No, hold on... this isn't the spotter thread! :)