Joker jailed for ten months

Man who painted flatmate's face with nail varnish 'as a prank' while she slept is jailed

A man who daubed his sleeping flatmate's face with nail varnish as a practical joke has been jailed for ten months.

Nicola Parle said she was 'freaked out' and was unable to open her eyes the morning after Ian Mahoney covered her face and hair with the varnish, Vicks vapour rub and KY Jelly.

Mahoney , 32, told police that it was a joke and no malice had been intended.

Mahoney, from Hammersmith, in London, admitted causing actual bodily harm at an earlier hearing.

The court heard that Mahoney and his victim Nicola Parle had been staying at the home of a mutual friend in Teignmouth, Devon, in March.

The two had shared a drink with friends before Miss Parle took two sleeping pills and went to bed just after midnight.

Prosecutor James Taghdissian told Exeter Crown Court: 'When she woke at 6am she was unable to open her eyes and panicked.

'She touched her face and hair and felt grease and other things. She managed to get to the bathroom and washed her face so she could open her eyes, then she phoned a friend to come to her assistance.
Varnish attack: Nicola Parle said she was unable to open her eyes after her hair and face were covered in polish

Varnish attack: Nicola Parle said she was unable to open her eyes after her hair and face were covered in polish

'Mahoney was identified as he was the only other person in the house that could have committed the assault.'

Mahoney was arrested and told police that the incident was only intended as a joke.

The pair were not friends and did not know each other before lodging at the house.

Mahoney admitted the offence and said he meant it in a 'fun way.'

But Mr Taghdissian told the court: 'But during the course of the interview it became obvious that he did not have as friendly relationship with Miss Parle.'

In mitigation, solicitor William Parkhill said that his client had taken MDMA and had been drinking heavily on the night of the offence.

Mr Parkhill said: 'With sobriety he accepts it was an unpleasant and a mean incident directed towards a female who had no knowledge of what was occurring and had no part in causing it to occur.'

Mr Parkhill said his client had not been thinking clearly. He had undergone a personal crisis and was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Mr Parkhill said: 'In an addled state he came to the conclusion that this was a joke. It was gross stupidity but not malice.'

Recorder John Wright sentenced Mahoney to ten months behind bars.
As pointed out by the highly esteemed daily mail commentators.....

''I totally agree with this sentence. This is an assault on someone unable to defend herself.
If he did it to a baby, or a sleeping child, would people still defend him ? Would it be a "joke" if he did it to someone in a coma ? ''
- TP, Reading, 18/8/2010 14:06

''This is a serious crime. He went into her room and sabotaged her face. Who knows what else he did whilst she was sleeping. He could have easily groped her without her noticing. This was a massive inavasion of privacy considering they wern't even friends.''
- Tahir Smith, Leicester, 18/8/2010 13:36

''That WAS a real crime. He didn't know the woman, he went into her bedroom and assaulted her while she was asleep. Nail varnish on your skin and hair is no joke, it must have been a terrifying experience for her. How many people do you know who'd do that to a stranger? Drink and drugs aren't an excuse for injuring someone.''
- Una, Dublin, 18/8/2010 13:23

''It was an incredibly malicious and nasty prank and the girl must have been horrified and scared when she woke up. Sober or drunk, there was no way the defendant truly expected his victim to see the funny side of this. It was for his own spiteful amusement only. Everyone knows how difficult it is to remove nail varnish from anything without the aid of stringent chemicals so she must have been in gross discomfort for some time afterwards (if she managed to remove it all without losing hair or temporarily damaging her skin). It is unfortunate that this incident carried a harsher sentence than more serious crimes, but he certainly deserved to be punished.''
- Mavis, London, 18/8/2010 10:53

Man who painted flatmate's face with nail varnish 'as a prank' while she slept is jailed | Mail Online



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'kin 'ell.

Best lock me the fuck up right away. Defacing your oppos while they sleep is a nightly occurrence in the RN. Many a time have I awoken to find the phantom eyebrow thief has been on the prowl during the night.
I think we can all see what really happend here: she couldnt open her eyes cos he spaffed all over her face, then covered it up with vix and nail polish.
Custodial sentence for a prank?? He's a very naughty boy!! HMP Exeter have enough problems finding bed spaces for real criminals without having to "bang up" Jokers!!

Well.... what about all those times years ago when some doity b'stard used to piss, then 'wonked' all over his drunken mate's bed, head and boots after a night out in the NAFFI Bar.... as a 'joke' for not getting his POSB Tight fistded Wallet out to buy his rounds in...... ahaha!!

Would have the Rassman given the 'Pissoir' jankers if the complainant had complained... and was it against 'Good Military Discipline' and warrant a 252 being written up....?
actual bodily harm ?

Does haveing to use dermatalogically tested safe to use nail polish remover constitute harm?

Still it serves the drunken junkie right.*

*Pick either of the pair for this one :)
they werent even friends or flat mates, just happened to be kipping at a mutal friends house.

10 months is a bit extreme when he could have nailed her in her sleep and got a lesser sentence!
A 61-year-old lawyer has been jailed for fraud after obtaining £25,000 through a fake mortgage application; Lawrence Rew of Barrhead was sentenced to 10 months in prison after admitting the offence, which happened in 1998.

The actor Chris Langham is sentenced to ten months in prison - and will serve five - for downloading child pornography.
Mr Langham was convicted on 15 counts of viewing child pornography, his sentence, 10 months in jail - he broke down in tears at one point, before regaining control.
I see your point Solo - it's fucking ludicrous!!


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