Has anyone tried this stuff?

Does it work?
PartTimePongo said:
Has anyone tried this stuff?

Does it work?
Yes..and no...well maybe!

" Jointace" contains Chondroitin and Glucosamine (+Vit C and a few other things) all of which are important in the production and maintenance of theoretically yes these tabs will help maintain your joints. But cartilage function declines naturally with age anyway...and they will do little to help a mechanical injury (like a tear) recover. Also you are likely to gain as much benefit by adding something rich in Omega 3 oils to your diet (tinned sardines in tomato source...38p from Sainsburys..comes to mind).

So your choice really...spend lots of money on some pills that may help...or a couple of quid on some fish! Up to you?
No getting about it. My knees hurt when it looks like rain.

Roll on bionic knees for the PBI.

I had a minor piece of surgery on my knee's meniscus a few months ago and the physio recommended I take glucosamine. This physio was an absolutely superb one - a real all rounder, knew when to refer to other specialists, when to listen to surgeons, even knew about acupuncture etc etc.

There is no control group in this experiment but I think the Jointace (Chondroitin and Glucosamine) really helped - my recovery had been going slowly but did seem to accelerate once I started taking it. I doubt it had much of a placebo effect on me either as I'm always skeptical about 'herbal medicines' - when I'm sick I prefer to hear the doctor is injecting 2500mg of donkey-killing hydrodexochloricacid, the most powerful drug known to man - I'm not much of a believer in Oil of Peppermint or other such bollox. Having said that I know when you're sore you'll pay anything that claims it might work.

Its not cheap but I plan to keep on using it now. In Dublin, Boots have had a few special offers but I ought to look into buying it cheaply on the internet. As far as I know its most effective if you take it continuously as opposed to for a few weeks here and there.

Word of warning though: make sure you follow the instructions when to take it (after a meal and with a large glass of water) as it really facks with your stomach - woof!


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