Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Le_Bat, May 14, 2006.

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  1. And another thing... what a total disappointment the RAF field kitchen turned out to be...even the transit cookhouse, as horrendous as it was, shone like a beacon of culinary delights compared to the new one. It is only to fend off starvation that I went round twice, for the slop jockey to question "More?" as if he genuinely believed five bits of ravioli would keep me going until the evening. Oh but you can have as many chips as you want, as long as you don't mind that as they're sitting on the hotplate they're being dripped on by water coming off the roof off the tent.

    Or maybe he was just surprised that I wanted to punish myself with a second meal so soon?

    So before we all starve to death...what else is boiling your piss about Joint Venture??
  2. Theres nothing wrong with the RAF Field Kitchen. What were you expecting? Its providing consistant good quality and quite a varied menu, granted lunch could be a little more imaginative but i think the've found the balance between good food and getting the large quantity of people through the hot plate.

    And your not paying for it, which pretty much writes off any whinge you can have about it (at the current level of quality).

    Theres also a female chef who pretty much threatens to cut your balls off if you dont use the alcohol gel on your way in. I wouldnt argue with her!!!
  3. I always found that the food with the Harrier Force in the field was better than the food in camp.
  4. What do you mean "its free so you can't whinge about the food?". We provide the comms for free, but I bet you'd bloody whinge if your phones, computer or (most of all) internet doesnt work! The food on ARRC excersises is top notch and they're providing food for 3000+ multinational staff, so JTFHQ chefs have no bloody excuse!
  5. The scoff at HQ ARRC is the dogs danglies. About the only thing the Support Battalion can do right.
  6. Can't complain because it's free??? You must have very low standards, would you eat anything put in front of you and say that it was good, purely on the basis that it didn't cost you anything??

    Let's hope the chef's don't find out or they'll be feeding us rocks and twigs.
  7. Exactly - when did it get decided that we couldn't possibly go to war without Sky TV and internet anyway? The Staff had only been here twenty minutes and they were whinging about the internet not working. If you can't live for twenty minutes on exercise without internet you really need to (a) get a frigging life and (b) get another job.
  8. No, i said you cant whinge at the current quality - its not all that bad. Not as good as HQ ARRC granted. Its a damn site better than some exercise food, i usually count my lucky stars that the're not dishing up bags of menu A from pans of hot water.
  9. Excuse me, but HQ ARRC is the indisputable champions of food in the field. In fact, it's priority No 1 courtesy of our beloved Support Battalion. Forget ARRC HQ, forget GP3 (it's going anyway), forget digitised SANs, where's the Mess Tent?.

    RAF ? pah, I spit on their mushy cabbage. Joint working, joint tactics, joint NETCEN but never joint kitchens.
  10. Remember that the internet is (in theory) not people checking up on ebay but people like media ops clocking news feeds etc. The Sky TV again is yet another information channel rather than getting The Simpsons in the field. Mind you, the FA Cup got a few heads up! That's the theory anyway. Without information you are totally screwed. It's just how the headsheds manage that information that's the important bit.