Joint training mission to Mali

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by Pembrooke, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. It's been announced on RTE News that British and Irish forces will join forces to train government troops in Mali. The team will consist of eight Irish Defence forces members and eighteen British Army instructors. the training team will be an element of a larger EU training mission numbering some two hundred.
  2. Let's hope for a misprint on the transport order, I hear Bali is nice this time of year :grin:
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  3. Excellent. I hope the two contingents get along and work together as well as they did in Cyprus.
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  4. .....yeah,....well, sorry about the Guards. Mapreading was never their strong point.
  5. we got on extremely well in Cyprus. I have Happy memories of the UNPA circa 98/99. Maybe we need to build a new Hib in order to recreate the atmosphere.
  6. Is this the task that 1 R IRISH have picked up? There could be interesting times explaining who is who to the Malians if it is.

    "Well yes we are from the same island, but from different countries", "well yes he is from the same country as those guys but he is in my country's army and they are in their own country's army" etc etc etc
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  7. Sarajevo... awesome Bar. IIRC the IDF took on the camp RSM from the British when we packed up and fcuked off, and took over the NSE building.
  8. Sending 1 R IRISH to Africa on a training mission? What could possibly go wrong? ;-)
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  9. The Parachute Regiment get more wrapped up in glory with tales of derring do?
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  10. Don't worry lads the Irish lads will keep the Royal Irish out of trouble.LOL
    BTW IDF= Israeli Defence Force.Don't call Irish army IDF.Too many Irish killed by the yids in Lebanon.It's Defence forces Ireland or Oglaigh na hEireann(Taking the name back from the muppets who like to call themselves that when blowing up kids and squaddies.Patriots my arse)
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