Joint the TA - Work Issues

Hello All,

Pondering at joining the TA and was wondering ;

1) Was anyone met with any resistance from work when you told them you wanted to join ?

2) In your opinion does joining effect your career progression . I.e promotion prospects etc ....

Much obliged !
To the OP, click the link SaBRE will answer any of your questions re work and TA and the benefits to you your employer Support for Britain's Reservists & Employers | Reserve Forces - SaBRE


Whether or not the answers are of any practical use to you is quite another matter. Apart from the odd brochure and some vague motherhood statements there's very little in there that will actually change the average bosses mind. They are good for spelling out exactly what the obligations are on either side, but they then spoil it by being decidedly coy about the fact that these days people are only mobilised if they ask to be. Too many have glossed over this point in the past and employers are decidedly wary as a result.

Bottom line is you need to talk to work and ask. If they are not supportive then regrettably you either jack in the TA or get a new job.

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