Joint Support Group

Out of curiosity does anyone know if Joint support group (their latest description) recruit only full time soldiers or do they recruit TA with the right attributes.

You can go for it but you have to go on FTRS for a number of years as I understand it. There is a DIN with the details probably best to leave it there on here.
Thanks aberspr, that was my feeling too that it was as long as notched up some years. Interesting work though. I expect other languages would be an asset so may look into that too.
JCarver007, are you the new Old Colt? He was sizing up the patrol selection, AACC and under water knife fighting courses before getting out of recruit training.

Judging by your previous posts it might be worth getting your feet under the table and spending some time with your unit before thinking about such exotic employment.

I hope the 007 in your title is tongue in cheek but it does not appear to be so.
hahah no. Purely out of curiosity and always good to have an interest in something. Im enjoying what Im doing at the moment and going well, but nothing wrong with finding out. At the moment I have no thoughts on this other than a passing interest and much too busy doing the basics.
And the title was first thing that came into my head a long time ago before even joining ta...does tongue in cheek with regards to this though

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