Joint Services Warrant Officers Course

Anyone know what happened to the Joint Services Warrant Officers Course which was planned for the Joint Services Command and Staff College?

I remember an announcement on this a few years ago but nothing since.

Taken from the Army web site:

JSWOC. A Joint Service Warrant Officer Course (JSWOC) was due to commence at the Defence Academy from May 04.

After cancelling the first course whilst long term funding difficulties were resolved, it now seems unlikely that the course will run in the foreseeable future. Units will be advised if this situation changes.

Hope it answers your question!
My mate did the trial version last year, said it was a good course, apart from RAF whinging about the ages of the Army lads on it :roll:
Hmmm, could not find the money or did not want to find the the dosh could be found if they really wanted to...
Is there any real forseeable requiement for such a course.

In a vocational sector of employment If you don't know what to do or how to do it by the time you a required to occupy such a position - then only targetted structural retraining is the answer.

A one cap fits all scenario is of questionable utility.
The Joint Services Command and Staff College notes:

The aim of the course - part of the Joint Services Command and Staff College within the Defence Academy - is to develop an understanding of joint, combined and inter-agency operations in the warrant officers of all three services to improve operational capability while allowing them to broaden their cognitive, analytical and judgement skills.
The course is educational in nature and provides pre-environment training for all warrant officers likely to work in a joint environment.

The Defence Academy website says the course is still 'under development' and that it will be piloted in 2005 and rolled out for 900 WOs a year from 2006, only 5 years after the course was announced! I doubt it'll ever happen.


Biscuits_AB said:
You appear desperate for promotion to Warrant Rank. Point to prove?
ibiola, does have issues with promotion, cos he/she is special, they want to a warrant officer in a month!
University of Life is a better course, was in my day and has never let me down yet.

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