Joint Services Warrant Officers Course - Audio Presentation


Many thanks, good link, stroll on getting there, so much for a couple of quiet weeks away from the smoke. Might actually have to do some work but seems worth it.

But you'd think that the Defence Academy would check the web page before uploading.....

The Joint Service Warrant Officer Course

The presentation highlights the merits and value of JSWOC to perspective Warrant Officers, their associated chain of command, and Career Managers responsible for Warrant Officers.
Still, I suppose that this is what comes of moving up through the ranks. :wink:
Is anyone on the JSWOC now? and can give an update.
I though the course was good apart from doing the estimate excercise. That was pish. Talking about getting pished we did. :wink:

BigRed said:
Any feedback from those that have attended?

Is course only relevant to those posted to Joint HQ's?
Crackin' course. Outstanding facilities, great instructors, fantastic atmosphere to learn in and time for a few socials too.

The estimate takes a little bit of work but is a useful exercise in making you read the available information and understand it. You could, in all honestly just plagearise one that someone has done before but would just be doing yourself a disservice. I know that some have and will continue to do this though....we all make our own choices.

One of the best courses that a Warrant Officer can go on (IMHO) so I thoroughly recommend it to all personnel that serve, or are likely to serve, in a tri-service environment. Probably still worth doing if you are working in a single service environment but you may find it harder to get loaded on.
I did it about 18 months ago and it was very good. The staff were all very good and Lt Col "Sticky" W was great. A very grown up course with plenty of opportunity to debate. The operation estimate process was excellent too, it showed a few of the guys that op planning can be quite tough the first time you do it! Not sure if the guys are still accommodated in the staff college or if they're in the new Sgts Mess. All in all, thoroughly recommended.

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