Joint Service Signals school

What the F* are you on about?

Yes - the MOD is looking at "joining" the 3 services with regard to CIS, same as they are doing for admin (JPA), Logistics and Blanford may become the school of CIS for all 3 services. But what the hell has this got to do with one of NATO's Rapid Deployment Corps :?:

Are you just a tad confused.......
And where did you get your hard evidence than??
Outstanding said:
when will Blandford close to Sigs and become home for the ARRC?
I've heard this aswell. Apparently Sting is going to be the CO, Phil Collins the RSM and Beryl Reid the Adj.(or was that Mike Reid, I can't remember now)
Outstanding said:
Posdsible that new Sigs/RLC/REME site might be St Athan
That would be sweet....walk out of DCCIS St Athan at 22 yr point and walk straight into GD or EADS (Bowman and Cormorant respectively). Sorted. Any Falcon jobs likely in S Wales too?

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