Joint Security Area

Stop reading if you don't like foreign films with subtitles or if you like Jerry Bruckheimer films.

Joint Security Area (JSA) is a Korean film by an Korean director called Chan-wook Park* (it may actually be Park Chan-Wook, but that's western cinema audiences for you)

On the face of it, it seems like a far east version of A Few Good Men based around an incident at an outpost on the DMZ between North and South Korea. I liked a few good men a lot. This film kicks it into touch.

It's worth watching for 3 reasons alone:

-The bit with the Choco Pie (we'll be invading the north in our service/life times, so it's worth hearing the odd NK outlook on life)
-The fart joke
-The very last shot before the credits rolled. Still gets me.

If you like thinking mens' soldier flicks you'll like this. Bear with it. Don't watch it with the doris, she won't be able to keep up (timelines jump around a bit). It's not written solely from either side's PoV and it doesn't slag America off, so our brothers over the water can watch it without feeling dirty.

I got it from Choices DVD rental (a national chain)

*He's directed films like Old Boy and Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, which are great, but very different to this.
A very good film indeed RTFQ. Like a lot of the films I see from Korea it has a good plot mixed with actors who seem to believe the roles they're playing. In some cases not bad special effects. I did find the whole switzland (i think?) thing a bit confusing.

Other Korean Gems I've seen are Shiri (bit mainstream now), Purple storm and 2009- lost memories. Plus some sappy romantic comedy stuff we won't talk about.
Not Korean but Asian, battle royale 2 awesome film, strange comparisons to the 'hero' kids & Al Qaeda though...hmmm?
Well there was one film involving a lady dressed in school uniform surrounded by about 50 men. I assumed that was japanese though...

In seriousness, there were a few films like the famous "my sassy girl" (based on a supposedly real life online diary) and "my first crush" that I found funny but also pulled at the heart strings (at the appropriate sad moments), again because the actors seemed to believe their roles and put the raw emotion out there.

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