Joint Personnel Administration System For UK Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Murielson, Oct 29, 2004.

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  1. EDS To Deliver Joint Personnel Administration System For UK Armed Forces

    EDS today announced a major enhancement to its relationship with The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) that will vastly improve the service provided to sailors, soldiers, and air force personnel by the Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency (AFPAA).

    Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency (AFPAA)
    EDS will implement a Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) system for AFPAA which will deliver £600 million savings to the MoD over 10 years. The JPA implementation - rolling out across the RAF, RN and Army in turn between 2006 and 2007 - will modernise and harmonise what are at present multiple standalone systems. This implementation is consistent with the terms of the service delivery contract awarded to EDS in Nov 1997 and which runs to November 2009.

    JPA represents a key element of the MoD’s Defence Change Programme and, as a flagship project, is being cited as a benchmark for future relationships between government and the IT supplier community. Under the terms of the JPA enhancement, EDS and AFPAA have made a joint commitment to overhauling the Agency’s end-to-end processes and delivering an improved and dynamic service that will benefit all UK armed forces personnel.

    Graham Lay, Managing Director of EDS Defence, said:

    “The relationship between AFPAA and EDS on JPA marks a turning point in the way suppliers and government work together to achieve the maximum benefit from partnering with each other.

    "EDS will significantly improve the ongoing service delivery cost within the new service structure, and has guaranteed this cost saving in the agreement signed today.

    "In almost every respect, this is a radical departure from the traditional supplier-customer relationship. In terms of teaming, financial gain share arrangements and delivering an agile government model this partnership sets a benchmark for the future.

    "This contract is consistent with the core recommendations of the Gershon Review and provides a template for how suppliers and Government Departments can work together to meet the challenges set out in the Review. We expect this to be the first in a line of similar arrangements paving the way for more productive and harmonious relationships between the government and supplier communities.”

    A revised Partnering Principles Document has also been signed by the MOD and EDS, setting out the guiding principles underpinning the joint management culture which has been adopted by AFPAA.

    Lieutenant General Anthony Palmer, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Personnel) said:

    “Today we are taking a major step towards modernising the way in which we deliver pay and personnel services to the Armed Forces. We look forward to continuing the successful working relationship which has been developed with EDS over the last few years..”
  2. Ah yes, the same EDS who delivered Pay 2000........... can't wait 8O
  3. could this also be because they need the money after screwing up so many contracts? they even lost the inland revenue contract this year... :!:
  4. msr

    msr LE

    And how much will it cost over 10 years?

    Isn't this being a bit presumptuous (not to mention a major lingo bingo score)?

  5. How come EDS are getting big bucks for this? I'm sure I heard that SAMA, RAF's AFPAA system written by EDS, was being improved slightly and going tri-service?
    Suppose calling it by a different name ensures you can add a couple of zeros onto the end of the costs
  6. I suppose one of the ironies of this is that i've got to wait for EDS to deliver another system, before i can be paid correctly because one of their earlier systems still doesnt work properly :?
  7. Good job they are not doing Digitisation stage 2 :oops:
  8. Pay 2000 went v smoothly in relation to the other massive *&$£ up by EDS the transfer to FCPS(A) in 1999. Surely that hasn't been forgotten! hundreds of pay accounts were cocked up by mega bucks for months - still practice makes perfect!!!!!
  9. Its not going to be SAMA.
    They are using an Oracle HRMS and CRM based system for pay.
    Terminals will be in every unit for you to handle your own pay and allowances. AG corp will be trimmed down as you will have more responsibilty over your own pay.
    Supposedly you can claim up to 500 quid in expense without needing to provide receipts. Only 5 per cent will be audited.
    Enquiry service open 7am till 7pm to do inputs for you, alledgedly assist you and if all else fails amuse/annoy you.

    After P2K I'm suspicious and given the fact the info on JPA is sketchy and not that well advertised I can see it all going t*ts up.
    At least the Crabs roll out first.... see how they cope with it
  10. A civil contractor I met out on Op TELIC refered to his former employer as 'Evil Data Systems' - I wonder why he left?????
  11. Can't be any worse than the system we've currently got, or can it?
  12. The blind leading the blind comes to mind, when are they ever going to learn, contracting out is a money earner for the private companies, if it was'nt they would not be doing it and the one consistent thing about the whole thing, the standards drop and the end user is the loser :evil:
  13. The one saving grace here is the fact that the RAF are getting JPA first, then the Navy and the Army last.

    By the time we go onto JPA the major problem areas should have been already identified and remedied.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I have also heard them described as Every Day 5hit.