Joint pain supplement from Myprotein (Mega Cissus)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mag_to_grid, Dec 29, 2009.

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    Has anybody used this? Also would it be suitable to someone subject to CDT?? As someone who suffers from knee pain I am quite interested in trying this out as Glucosamine/Cod liver oil etc etc arent really doing much to reduce the pain at the minute.

    And yes I have been to see a doctor who informed me that the pain is due to wear on the joint.
  2. Gremlin

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  3. How long have you been taking the cod liver/glucosamine for?

    I found it helped massively but its not instant, after taking it for 2-3 months I found it helped to relieve alot of pain from injury.
  4. Probably about 12 months now, just started getting pain in my knee about September time though. Really annoying me as it is holding me back with my phys in a big way.
  5. I'd recommend you keep taking the cod liver/glucosamine or try switching to just high strength glucosamine and cod liver oil as a seperate supplement. Rest is always key with injury obviously, try and see physio if possible, often they can't spot the stupid little thing that might be causing the injury.
  6. Might have to bite the bullet and pay to see a private physio then I suppose, may well be money well spent in the long run.
  7. Are you a TA or Regs mate? Just thinking if your Reg's surely you can get to physio through the MO.
  8. Im TA mate (Ex reg though which is where all my injuries seem to stem from). Passed my 2 x PFT's for the year so not to worried yet.

    I had a back problem when I first left the regs in 06 and the NHS physio was a complete waste of time. In the end I went to a specialist sports injuries clinic, one that has been used by LFC on occsasion and they were spot on. May well be worth another visit.
  9. I bought 2 bottles after some plantar fasciitis developed in my right foot.

    2 weeks mega dosing (4 tablets a day in intervals) and it was a lot better.

    I still have the other 1.5 bottles kicking about in case it comes back or I get something else that troubles me in the mean time.
  10. Just ordered some using your discount code :wink:

    See how they go eh? Next step is the physio :cry:
  11. Oh, ta very much.

    I would look at the same website (or others if you can find a cheaper per gram) and get some fish oil for your joint problems.

    Sorry, i should have mentioned that before. Apologies.
  12. I tried High dose Glucosamine and it seems to be helping me training threw my injuries along with using deep freeze