Joint Medical Command

Well, folks, the 'JMC' stood up on 1 Apr 08. Previous to that one may assume it was sitting down or possibly lying down in a darkened room, if it had any sense.

You will all know by now that you can rely on me to be irreverent, so why change?

As a dedicated 'Dwarfer', I'm afraid the TLA they have chosen is most inappropriate. As far as I'm concerned, 'JMC' will always stand for 'Jupiter Mining Corporation'.:twisted:

So what bright future can the fledgling JMC look forward to, eh? I'm sure we are all far too grown up to indulge in any sS partisanship and in-fighting. :evil:

Let's hope it lives up to the hype on the main website - though if past performance is any indicator of future performance that seems profoundly unlikely. Hey ho! It's early days and I'll try (honest I will) to keep an open mind. :wink:
:? And just what will the JMC actually Command :?

- Had a look on their web page - sounds like a bit of spin to employ/justify the employment of another 2* PQO. I hope people dont get confused between this and JAMC South Cerney! Although anything that rids you of DMETA may be beneficial.
You don't have to post just to make me feel better, Springer. :twisted:

And they have a website? I shall go searching for it forthwith.

With regard to your central query, though, as a transition to full Comd by JMC we are to endure a period of "Army Lead" for Psychiatry. In fairness, it should be pointed out that there will also be an "RAF Lead" for Rehab, BTW. But no-one appears to know what "Army Lead for Psychiatry" actually means or how it will work (or, more likely, not work). :lol:

Army Psych have a 70% ability to 'Be The Best' whereas we can 'Rise Above the Rest' with 106% manning. I wonder how long that situation will persist before the Army 'Lead' want to nick nurses from the airforce to fill gaps in the pongo orbat? :evil:

Does 70% include the psych nurses/psychiatrists/psychologists who make up the TA bit and have provided the majority of clinicians for the last few operational tours?

Not biting really, but you may well be forgetting us/them!
No, matey, 'twould be folly to forget you guys, but what I'm on about is, say, one of my light-blue JNCOs being 'poached' by DCMH Aldershot/Tidworth/Colchester?Wherever to plug gaps in Team Army's sparse line-up. :evil:

We're still up for Op tours and have no shortage of volunteers because it's a bit of a challenge to junior staff to give Health Promotion briefings on Op stress, etc, when they've never been on Ops. 8O

You guys keep doing a bang up job and we thank you! :D

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