Joint Communications Unit (Falkland Islands)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bibo_boy, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Anyone worked there as part of that team....?

    Possible job come up and wanted some feedback if possible....

    PM if you'd like?


  2. don't know about work but weather is "Changeable"
  3. lol cheers
  4. Did my 'duty 4 month tour' there a few years ago..

    Blimey! Now I really think about it , delete a few, insert over 20 - where has all that time gone???

    Had a great time while I was there - definitely a highlight tour for me. The only downside was that I went in April so managed to fit in 3 winters in one year!

    No doubt it has all changed now and there will be a Mac D on site and the Islanders will all be driving in brand new LR's...

    I have to say, the best job was in the roving team (FITS). The Systems guys seemed to be tied to MPA and rarely got out. We (FITS) got all over the place - great walking and amazing views, not to mention the aura and obvious history of the place.

    Oh yes, and you get snow :wink:
  5. I met the wife there. Top tip - don't go! You'll get less for murder!
  6. you'll either come back fit as a butchers or a jakey do the math's. :lol:
  7. Already have a "Mrs" so, serving time already... :)

    Sounds like it could be interesting?

  8. JOC Radio Nov 88 - Mar 89, loved it, hated it, wouldn't have missed it for the world
  9. I'm currently on my second tour of the Falkland Islands (as part of JCUFI)and abolutley love it here. JCUFI is one the most integral and professional units on the Islands, and has a 'Work Hard, Play Hard' mentallity. Depending on what section you will be working will obviously affect what you'll be getting up to down here. See PM.
  10. I was part of Radcon in '91, in the main det looking after Campito, Adam and South Georgia (amongst others). One of the best postings i ever had.
  11. I was on Mount Kent in 2007. Loved it up there. I have considered going back but I have now been posted so I'll see what delights my new unit holds.
  12. I'd say it depends on what section your with and what job your doing. I did a 6 mther recently, (Got back in Jan)., It's a good crack and not meaning to be Mr Cliche" it is what you make of it. There's plenty to do providing you get of your arrse. JCUFI is definitely work hard play hard, just don't burn the candle at both ends.....too much.
  13. Two tours, plus an ex whilst at 30 Sigs. WINDY.

    First tour was 5 months on South Georgia when it was still 266 Sig Sqn, so guess that doesn't count as FI.

    Went back when JCUFI had just been formed and command moved to MPA, so the Radio Hut was all shiney and new. Shifts could be a little boring, but I guess everything has changed now.

    As previous post says, you can either get fit, or stay pissed as a newt!! Guess it's up to you. Lovely place though in terms of scenery and wildlife -our troopy organised a minjo to Sea Lion Island, which was stunning.
  14. Hey, i finished a 6 mth tour there in March, what section are you going to?
  15. Long time ago 1987 weather v changeable got frost nip and sunburn in one day. Walk down to Rookery bay saw penguins a day at sea lion island , 5 year anniversary of war . Bit of a tadoo from argies at the time , was smart and got rations from army navy and raf .. A walk down to refrigeration plant is a must, but emotional when sent personal stuff from relatives so just put their messages to their dead into the rocks surrounding the cross at top.